WTF, Colonel Sanders?

Whose decision was it to turn Colonel Sanders into some mindless, redneck football fan? (Loads of contradictions there, I know.) I’ve seen the new commercials, and I’m sure the original Colonel is spinning in his grave.

Went to lunch with my mother yesterday, moderately nice place. Pull up front, park in the handicap spot (her car, her decal).

I say “Hey look, it’s Colonel Sanders!”

Guy about 70, stocky but not really fat build, white hair, white goatee walking out of the place. :smiley:

The entire point of the new series of ads seems to be to have a “new” version of the colonel with every cycle. That’s why they’re played by different actors. He was a football fan because that was the gimmick for that cycle.

This isn’t your father’s Colonel Sanders.

Welcome back to America, Siam Sam, where “contradictory” and “redundant” mean different things…

While I find the campaign mildly unsettling, I do think that casting George Hamilton as the Extra Crispy Colonel was a stroke of genius.

Sounds like I missed some of these “cycles.” The one I’m seeing now is not pleasing.

But I suppose it could be worse.

The colonel signed some really nasty non-compete agreement when he sold the operation.

he decided the new owners had ruined the recipe and started a new chicken shop.

he could not use his name, his likeness or reference the KFC name in any way.
meet Famous Chicken (whatever - the first word was Famous.

he’s been spinning for going on 50 years now

Just be thankful you missed the cycle where a WWE Superstar acted like he wanted to fuck a basket of chicken tenders.

I like KFC on occasion, I don’t really care about what their spokesman looks like. I think it’s a wee bit creepy to be impersonating a dead guy though long dead historic figures like Lincoln or Washington are okay. I would be a bit put off by a JFK impersonator selling toothpaste or what not. Harland Sanders will be dead 37 years later this year, can’t believe it’s been that long. I always thought he should have been cremated and turn into Colonel Cinders but that’s just me.

How about Jason Alexsanders?

I liked the complete-with-tan George Hamilton as Col. Sanders.

Yeah, hard to believe the Colonel kicked the bucket that long ago.

The historical Harland Sanders *was *pretty rednecky.

Reported for wrong forum, should be in deep fat fryer.

I don’t like the commercials, but the reason I don’t eat there anymore is because the stores are all dirty and the chicken itself is skinny and not very good. The legs are bare bone except for this puny little top.

They should work on those problems and then just show us the food. Save the money they’re paying some actor to act like an idiot.

Yum! Brands had $3.6 billion in revenue in 2016. That the quality of their food does not meet your standards would appear to be of little concern to them.

Yep, I guess I’m in the minority.

You’re just afraid to stand up to the majority. In other words, you’re chicken.