WTF did I just hear?

It’s ten to two in the morning. I just heard an odd, creepy noise come from somewhere outside my open bedroom window.
The only factors I can use to narrow the sound are that it was human, vocal , probably male, and probably adult.
Other than that I really don’t know how to describe it. The closest I can come is that it sounded like someone being sick and saying ‘raaa’ at the same time.

Close & lock your window!

It was just me. Sorry. Bad falafel for dinner. :smiley:

If it were me, i’d run outside wearing only a loincloth and brandishing a golf club. It’s usually enough to scare off intruders.

It could have been a possum. They make this spooky weird, human sounding noise that is tough to describe, it sort of sounds like a a really heavy raspy gurgly breathing.

Scared the hell out of me first time I heard one late at night outside my window

Possums having sex on your bedroom roof are the worst. :wink:
But isn’t Lobsang in the UK?

While the Isle of Man isn’t part of the UK, for all intents and purposes I am in/from the UK. As far as my knowedge carries me - Possums do not exist outside Australia or New Zealand.

We got 'em all over in the US, too, from out here in Cali to the deepest heart of Dixie.

Possums are all over North America, they’re not the same possums as the Aussie kind. They’re really nasty and ugly and toothy.

Um, I do know that the Isle of Man is not in North America, in case my previous post was unclear. :slight_smile:

You’ve just heard the mating call of the lovesick Gore Vidal. For Og’s sake, close the windows and lock yourself in a closet!
On second thought, maybe a closet is not the best place. Perhaps there is an available bathroom?

Cats in heat make some ungodly creepy noises.

Thanks a bunch, Shibb. I nearly coated my monitor in a nice thin coat of fruit smoothie when I read that. :smiley:

A drunk on his way home maybe?

We have something in our neighbourhood that comes around once in a while and screams like a cross between a devil-possessed banshee and a yowling, scalded cat. Wanna trade?

(In all seriousness, maybe you did get a drunk on his way home. Or a possum. Or a drunk possum.)

We get the second-hand possums.

Urban foxes have a sound like that, I know there’s a fox in my local area 'cause I’ve heard it at night and I saw it once running across the road, also while staying at my Aunt’s house in France the same noise appeared every night around… 2 AM, I could head it through the hole in my wall.

Jeez, all this fanciful talk of possums and Gore Vidals…

Has no one considered the very real possibility that it may simply be a monster?

It’s also enough to get you bludgeoned by a cop.

Time was… on the way home from a night of heavy drinking… a friend would hang his head out the window and put forth some sounds rarely heard. We referred to this as “Calling Ralph”