WTF do I call this part so I can buy it?

I have a stand-up shower in my bathroom. It is a neo-angle, with glass walls surrounded by aluminum frame. You can see something similar to mine in this picture:|THD|DigitalDecor|google|D29B+Fixtures|pkw__pmt__product_202952607&mid=skeXDZhKH|dc_mtid_8903yuu57254_pcrid_50344077222_pkw__pmt__product_202952607_slid&gclid=CjwKEAjwutXIBRDV7-SDvdiNsUoSJACIlTqlXxEwzraCH82sZhq92V7ZwNFb3amKz4JADIZoE8mkkRoCLDXw_wcB

The seal that goes all the way around the glass, between the aluminum and the glass, is breaking down and I need to replace it. Trying to google what the #$% that seal is called only gets me results for the sweep that goes along the bottom of the shower door. What I am looking for is the clear silicone gasket-like material that goes all the way around the perimeter of the glass, keeping it water-tight (or mostly so) with the aluminum frame.

If anyone can help me with the proper terminology, I would appreciate it.

If not “gasket”, then try caulking.

Gasket was my first thought as well, but apparently they are called clear PVC seals. This site has drawings and info of various types:

Superior Shower Doors

I also saw an Ebay listing when I Googled.

How to reseal a glass shower.

It mentions “shower sealing strips” but it looks like it’s really caulk as John Mace suggested.

The OP said that’s not what they’re looking for (you linked to what goes on the bottom of the door).

Why not just use caulk? Unless you find the kit supplied by the original manufacturer of your shower module, the seals aren’t likely to fit anyway.

Not all of those are for the bottom of the door, some are for the jambs.

The reason I can’t use caulk is that caulk (unless I use a shitload of it) will not hold the glass in place. The gasket material has a lip on it and, when wrapped around the glass, provides a very tight, secure fit.

Have you tried googling the manufacturer, model number, parts?

The OP needs something that goes between the glass and the frame, not outside the frame.

So far as I can tell, the walls and doors come as single pieces only, and are not sold in parts (ie just the glass, or just the gasket/sealer)

a Shower screen seal?

I found it…it’s called “glazing”

[quote=“crazyjoe, post:13, topic:786444”]

I found it…it’s called “glazing”


“Glazing” is glass or the process of installing glass. What he’s putting around it is vinyl gasket material.

Buy the seal from the glazing section of your shop …

You could make your own by filling the space with liquid silicon sealant (caulk… a liquid or paste or something that sets … or “cures”… non-acid cure silicon sealant means it avoids making stroke acetic acid which can eat into inorganic surfaces… the cheaper acidic one is ok for wood and external paint or somewhere you dont care about the look.)
So you full up the space with as much as you need or more, let it set, and then put the glass back in ? Cut away excess …

Sure, OK, but if I want to buy that vinyl gasket material I search for shower door glazing and it comes right up. Searching for vinyl door gasket does not give me what I need.

It’s a wacky world out there.