WTF is going on with the stalker fan threads?

Not going to put acronyms, usernames, or other searchable keywords here, but why are mods allowing these merciless dogpiles on an obviously mentally or emotionally limited human being? I’m completely ashamed that I participated before I realized the scope of her internet footprint and fixation, but the posters in the piles-ons are obviously aware of the apparent illness. Why allow seasoned members to aggravate an annoying, ill-fitting poster to violate board rules? Surely she’s met the MarkXXX rule for promotion. The attacks from educated, well-versed members against an ill-equipped poster are gross and abusive at this point. Isn’t a mercy banning in order?

I think that you are wrong about a few things.

The troll is very capable of handling the pressure and is getting exactly what they crave - attention.

At least the pit keeps her occupied so she isn’t mucking up the other forums. Hopefully all of the hoopla will get her to step it up a little and get her further along on the obvious troll arc.

MarkXXX rule??

MarXXX kept posting these stupid self-made parodies of the Family Circus, apparently trying to get traffic to his website. Or something like that.

Meh. I stopped addressing her because she is not willing to be (what I consider) logical but there is no indication that she has an actual medical condition. She is handling herself well (from her point of view) and continues to address comments made towards her. Given the incredible volume of posts she makes across the Internet her contribution here is paltry.

She’s an adult (over 30) so I think she knows what she’s doing. She is an obsessed fan and a fundy. Her behavior seem normal given that. I read a post on another forum from someone who claimed to be in the music industry an he reports that her actions are consistent with hard core fans.

And she’s contained in the pit.

She’s obviously not the best French fry in a Happy Meal, but I have no doubt she’s mentally competent. If you’ll notice that her demeanor changes from one who has absolutely no clue who anyone is in, say, pop culture (as just one example), to quite articulate when she becomes toe-to-toe combative with a moderator over whether or not she’s broken any rules.

The same thing happens all over the internet. When people become tired of her schtick and the talk turns to banning, she is all of a sudden a lot more astute than the person who doesn’t get euphemisms, jokes or answers everything literally. And I find that very telling.

I’ve known quite a few mentally challenged people in my life and none of them behave the way she is capable of when she is on the defense. So, I agree with the above observation… crazed fan and fundamentalist who spams the boards with her obsession and religious pablum. I do not feel sorry for someone who has no compassion.

I’ve noticed this myself and I don’t even spend much time in these threads. About a minute after I posted a quote of hers, asking her if she realized how ironic her words were, she had posted a rewritten version of the quote that removed the irony. Not mentally challenged.

Based on her fervent adoration and ungodly amounts of spam, I disagree about both her faculties and the mod’s treatment of her obvious spam. I don’t feel that her agenda or her skewering reflects well on the board.

There are only two logical alternatives in a case like this. Either the poster in question is treated exactly like any other poster, or the poster is deemed unfit to participate and is banned. Trying do designate a special category of poster without good verification opens up a can of worms.

IMO, anyone calling for another poster to be banned should be banned themselves. Trying to run someone out of town is so 13th Century.

But you’re totally cool with the posters attempting to bait, shame, and humiliate her until she breaks a board rule? Surely a mercy banning based on her constant spamming is better than fucking with her until she suffers a mental break.

In this thread and others you sound oddly obsessed with her. And you have your own spamming issues. Live and let live and use the ignore function of you must.

I agree with this. Though I believe this board does occasionally make special cases, for the poster in question it doesn’t make sense logically.

The whole take off of this OP is worse, more potentially harmful for this message board and what good standards it may have than anything this poster in question has posted here at the boards.

But even you, Troppus, don’t deserve to be banned for it.

I’ve never encountered that euphemism before. I can hardly wait until I get a chance to use it IRL.

I’ve always heard it as A few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

Speaking as someone who has contributed to the thread in question, I’d just like to point out that I’m really not all that well educated.

You guys need a new forum - let’s call it “The Playpen”. Use it as one step short of capital punishment (banning). Restrict people that have proven themselves incapable of coherent discussion to the playpen. It would need minimal moderation (I’m thinking almost no moderation except in response to reported postings). Goofy threads could be redirected there instead of being locked and we could continue to poke pointy sticks at the culprits.

Note that I see this as quite distinct from The Pit. The Pit is clearly moderated (and I’m not asking it not to be) and is for actual gripes.

I know you already typically suspend before outright banning (barring extreme offenses) so you do sort of already have a continuum of punishments, but I find myself going “Awww :(:(:(” a lot when my favourite kooks get banned and their threads locked.

This thread is off to a very bad start, and I’ll close it if this continues.

The mods are discussing what to do with these Pit threads. Having posted in one of them a few times, I’ll say this: I doubt James Otto Sweet Heart is altogether well, but she’s not delusional or incapable of defending herself. I didn’t see anyone trying to get her to break the rules either, but I haven’t read every post there. It’s true that this poster has been absurdly aggressive in promoting the music she likes, but her posts have been in the appropriate threads. (Other than the Mindy McCready thing, and she was moderated for that.) I completely understand why people find her habits annoying, but they’re not a rules violation or a major disruption. We do have an ignore function, too.

We get this suggestion several times a year. The answer is no, no, a thousand times no.

As someone who has posted a few times in both the pit threads that revolve around her, I agree with Marley23’s summary. In her own infuriating way, she is quite capable of defending herself. In her mind, I’m 99% sure she thinks she is (in the best Charlie Sheen way) WINNING the threads.