WTF is on Adult Swim right now?

There’s this awful awful low budget live action thing on Adult Swim right now, 3:24 am. There’s this guy, and he bought some drugs, but he won’t tell anyone what drugs or how much money he owes this other guy with a gun. A long haired guy with a bad accent who loves everyone too much. A woman with the worst bleached blond hair I’ve ever seen whose mother is yelling at everyone. And a bunch of conflicts that pop up between characters for apparently no reason. Some guy is on the phone with this woman who’s evidently stalking him. Oh dear god this is baaaaaaadddd.

WTF is this? It’s so weird, and my DVR says the current programming is “To Be Announced”. Anyone else watching this? Why are they running this? This has to be some elaborate joke.

Oh duh I just realized what day it is. It’s a joke. I’d still love to identify this movie. God, it’s just awful. I can’t look away.

It’s The Room

You have to give to credit to any move that makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look like high art.

I went to a midnight showing of it once. Tons of fun, sort of like Rocky Horror but with lots of plastic spoon throwing.

oh HI Torie

Here’s a Rifftraxed clip to wash the taste out of your mouth.

oh HAI bad movie! Wazz up? I’ll never get you out of my brain, and IT’S TAAARIINGG MEEEE APAAAART!!!

what! they showed the room! REALLY! I would have stayed up late to watch it.