WTF is the girl saying in Tribez : "<something> <something> please the chief"?

The Tribez is a city building game that I play on my Android tablet (although it’s also on iOS and Facebook). You tap stuff, and an NPC “Aurora” says stuff. One of the canned responses is driving me nuts, because I cannot figure out what she’s saying. It ends (I think) in “please the chief”. It kinda sounds like “The inhabitants try to please the chief”, but not exactly.

It could be that the mystery phrase ends in “BE the chief”, like “You might actually be the chief!” since I think the girl is supposed be evaluating you to be the chief that was prophesied.

So is it that fewer people than I thought play the game, or is it that I have misunderstood her her so badly that no one knows wtf I’m talking about?

I haven’t played the game, but it looks like there’s a lot of gameplay videos on YouTube. Maybe you can find one that has the line you’re wondering about, and link to it?

What an excellent idea! Here’s a link to one at the exact time she says it.

That’s how I heard it too. Kinda but not exactly that.

Sounds to me like a bad audio edit — she gets cut off mid-syllable in the word that sounds kind of like “inhabitant,” and the “try to please the chief” part immediately comes in in a really stilted manner. I’m going to go with someone mucked up the sound file, and it didn’t get caught before launch.

Unfortunately, since I’ve read your possible interpretation, I can’t hear it as anything else.

Yes, I realize that’s pretty much squashed any chance of getting the answer. Oh well.