WTF is the point of this commercial?

It’s a commercial for Ohio tourism. Shown in Ohio.

There’s a couple with a kid sleeping in a tent. The kid whines that he misses his night light, so they put him outside the tent, in his sleeping bag, so he can see the full moon.

WTF? Are they implying that you can see the full moon only from Ohio? Are there people who refuse to come to Ohio because they think there’s no moon here? Are they implying that there’s absolutely nothing worth seeing or doing here, except lying outside under the moon?


Sounds like something Bill Keane would use.

They are playing in California, too. I thought about visiting Ohio for vacation…for about 3 seconds. Maybe next year! :smiley:

Sounds like it was produced by the tourism boards of the other 49 states. . .

It’s trying to convince people to spend their vacation dollars in Ohio. And that includes Ohioans. (Ohioites? Ohioers? Opudlians?)

In other words, they’re trying to get people in Ohio to take vacations in Ohio, instead of taking their dollars to another state. Like Indiana. :stuck_out_tongue:

We get New Jersey vacation ads in New Jersey all the time. :: waits for inevitable joke involving toxic waste or syringes on the beach ::

The lunar night light is a nice touch, I guess, but what do you tell the kid when his sleeping bag and hair are soggy from the dew in the morning?

Let sleeping bags lie, I say.

So he can see the full moon? Correction: So they can screw.

They’re just trodding on Virginia’s coat-tails.

Do they have the Governor of Ohio in the ad?

The NY State ads are always full of Pataki walking around the beautiful parts of the state saying how great things are. So it becomes a political ad paid for by the entire state.

Sounds like false advertising to me. I lived in Ohio for a year, and I don’t think I saw the moon once. It was overcast and rainy the whole time, except when it was overcast and snowy, but maybe that’s just Toledo.

We get South Carolina tourism ads in South Carolina too. I find them kind of disturbing for some reason. “The smiling faces and beautiful places of South Carolina are calling to you” then a whispering voice says “Call them back.” WTF? Why the whispering? I’m not sure why that bothers me.

[Chrissie Hynde]"…way… to… go, O-hi-o!"[/CH]

Those ads are just asking for abuse from the other 49, aren’t they?

“Come see Ohio for yourself. We’re all a buncha loonies!”

“Come and get yourself ‘mooned’ in Ohio.”

“The friendly, unassuming folk of Ohio. Fascinated by bright, shiny objects…”