WTF is this 4th of July thing (picture)

Last Friday we had our pontoon boat full of dogs and traveled from the Allegheny River up Crooked Creek. I took this picture from the boat.

It appears to be a trailer consisting of a giant compressed gas cylinder and many horns. Ever see something like this? What does it do? And how about the poor person inadvertently caught by my picture?:smiley:

It’s to celebrate the holiday. It looks like a massive air tank surrounded by a shit-load of air horns. I suspect that the star-studded blue box at the rear holds a generator/compressor to keep the air tank filled.

You DO NOT want to be in front of that thing when it sounds off. :smiley:

Kinda looks like Geddy Lee to me.

That’s one HELL of a Septic Tank…!

“Ladies… and… Gentlemen…! It is with Great Pleasure that we announce that Lord High Rectum has decided to grace your presence with a performance So Spectacular that he can barely wrap his 'roids around it!
Thus, without further Further Adieu… His Royal Poo…!

cue trumpet horns

If the great French flatulist, Le Pétomane, had one of these, he wouldn’t have needed the generator/compressor unit. “The Imperial March” and the “1812 Overture” would sound fabulous. :smiley:

Yes. Or rather, I agree. Mr Lee has a son and a daughter, but neither of them look a lot like dad.

So, insane firecrackers (including using sticks of dynamite directly) wasn’t enough for this person? Now, we have to deafen the neighborhood, too?

Furthermore, the “neighborhood” is an extremely quiet area along the bank of Crooked Creek. Kinda nature preserve quiet. That’s what made the device even more of a WTF.

At a guess, there’s a controller somewhere under the hood that trips solenoids to actually play tunes with all the various sized horns. Think the General Lee car horns on steroids.

I’m betting on some insane smoker that morphed into an even more insane piece of functional art. I’ve seen some pretty “busy” trailer units around the various fairs and for rent.

I would say that blue box is star-spangled!

It’s not a cloudbuster? :slight_smile:

That would be a better, much more descriptive, and accurate choice. :slight_smile:

Someone looked at the Doof Warrior from Fury Road and thought “I can beat that with air-horns!”

You’ve never seen a Patriot missile before? The military named them that for a reason.

Looks nothing like Geddy Lee! And I’ll bet he doesn’t celebrate the 4th, either.

It looks like an insane LP powered noisemaker. Jeez I hope it’s just a prop.

Maybe my terms weren’t correct, but I found no mention of such a device after many searches.

If need be I can jettison my gf ashore this weekend and she can ask the homeowner.

ETA: “Oh, and was Geddy Lee’s son at your picnic?”

That would be awesome. Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:

The size of the tank is the tip-off that this is intended for prolonged playing, not just a blast.

I’m guessing the horns are tuned and it is a (poor excuse for) a calliope as things now exist.