WTF is this "movie"?

No one will probably remember this, mostly because my horrible memory resulting in a horrible retelling, but I figured I would try. About 5 years ago, my sister and I were watching Vault Disney on the disney channel. This movie (that we missed the first half,sadly) was confusing, histarical, and horrible. There was a boy and a stuck up in this tree in the middle of a flood. The tree gets hit by lightning, sets on fire, and a tiger tries to attack them. All I remember after that is, the end up on an island being sacraficed to a volcano by cannibal pirates or something and then a hurricane hit the island. In summary, it was a crappy old disney movie where everything just got worse and worse. Anyone got an idea? If this turns out to be a well known movie that I should reconize, I will hurt myself…

Ahh, sounds like Tuvalu.

Thank you… but not even close :frowning: . I recall it being in color not black and white but I am sure that it is at least 30 years old. It was vault disney, that only plays really old disney movies.

'Twas a joke.

Could it be “In Search of the Castaways” ?

I love you! I looked it up on IMDB and I am positive that is it! Case closed! I love you so much right now I would have your babies… :smiley: