WTF is up with my foot?

So there’s this …thing with my right foot that happens sometimes (like, right now). It’s not painful, it IS annoying AF and I don’t even know the right technical terms to Google it.

The sensation is that every time I take a step forward it feels like a tiny piece of sticky tape or gum is being pulled off a spot just behind the ball of my foot - and then reattached in time for the next step. What I suppose it is that there’s a tight somethingorother running along the base of my foot, but no idea what, or what might cause it to do this.

Anyone else get this?

I have a foot thing where when I take a step, it feels like something is clicking in my foot. I don’t hear a click, and it doesn’t exactly hurt. It is right behind the ball of my foot. When this happens I get either a pedicure or a foot massage. (Pedicure=hot water bath for feet, with jets, exfoliation, massage, nail and cuticle trim, polish. Massage=hot water bath for feet, with jets, massage.)

Like yours, mine is a sporadic thing and is annoying. It just feels like there’s a hinge in there that needs oiling. But a massage has always helped.

I’ve wondered what’s going on but I’ve never actually asked anyone, because feet are mysterious and have a lot of things that can go on. If I asked a doctor, I would probably get x-rayed, or scanned, or some other expensive thing, and still wouldn’t know, based on my experience with other foot things. Massage/pedi is cheaper, and effective, and as far as I can tell, can’t hurt.

I did a Google search and found a variety of possibilites from neuropathy to diabetes to Lupus to Metatarsalgia to Morton’s Neuroma.

All I can say for sure is this is something you should definitely see a doctor about. Preferably a podiatrist but even your regular doctor would do for a start.

It’s been going on, on and off, for years, so I’m not THAT worried. Also, as we know, it’s NEVER lupus!

I’m not sure if I could stand to have jets of water on my feet (uber-ticklish) but maybe I should just sit and poke it myself for a half hour or so

You should still see a doctor about this. No need to rush to the ER or anything but certainly ask about it next time you see one.

Freeze a plastic bottle of water and roll your foot on it for a bit each day. I don’t know what it’s called, but I believe it will help. WAG.

Not enough information for an accurate diagnosis (and IANYD) but it sounds like paresthesia (Google terms you’re not familiar with). Lot’s of causes of paresthesia, but localized to the ball of one foot, Mortons neuroma should be in your differential diagnoses. Do you get any numbness or tingling (most commonly on the adjacent sides of your 3rd and 4th toes)?

Are you diabetic? Have you been checked for diabetes recently? Diabetic neuropathy is another possibility. There are other causes of peripheral neuropathy that should be ruled out.

Could be a metatarsal stress fracture. Could be a plantar fibroma (plantar fibromatosis—do you feel any rubbery nodules in the arch of your foot?). Could be a foreign body you stepped on causing an inclusion cyst. Could be a lot of things. Advise: appoint with your PCP, orthopedist or podiatrist and get a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan asap—you’ll sleep better at night.

Medical advice is best suited to IMHO.

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I thought it was ALWAYS lupus. :confused: