WTF is wrong with the moronic bush supporting republicans?

I really can simply not get my mind around how there can be so many people still willing to support a president that has lied so often and about so many crucial issues.
Is it simple cowardice? Are you idiots really so busy crapping yourself over the “dangerous” iraqis that you are willing to overlook every lie, and underhanded manuever from this moron in chief?
How can you simply dismiss the testimony of Richard Clark, O’neil, Ramsey Clark, and many many others to support a president that is either criminally stupid, or just plain moronic?
I don’t even care anymore what this moron and his band of criminals actually know or knew about all that has happened. It really is not even important in assessing that what has been done by this administration is so far beyond the wishes of the general electorate as to be laughable.
Personally the stupidity I see on a daily basis coming from this administration is ridiculous and embarrassing to every THINKING american and if BUSh wasnt directly involved in the 9-11 tragedy, it is only because Rumsfeld and cheney deemed him too stupid to be informed.
The criminality and the wanton disrespect for our military and for the moral fabric of this nation makes these morons the ultimate enemies of this great union. Yet still there are these moronic, self-decieving cretins who refuse to accept the known facts.
You bush supporting republicans are an embarrasment to your country and the world in general.
I pray for our country. I pray that our country will throw these theiving money grubbing morons out of office, and I pray that those of you cowardly enough to support this moron and his policies, get exactly what you deserve.

Good luck with this.

I’m as anti-Bush as the next right-thinking American, but this seems way over the top.

Furthermore, your rant left out (as far as I could tell… I started skimming partway through) the single most irrefutable and inarguable (although not nearly as important as the whole Iraq thing) Evil Thing that Bush has done, namely endorsing an anti-SSM amendment.

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Yeah! And what’s up with all the damn liberals who post in the wrong forum! In other words, this seems more like a rant than a debate. To the Pit.

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Lemme buy you a beer!
Well said, friend. I agree that the mind boggles for exactly the points you make.
But uh, wrong forum, I think. See, this is the debate room, I think you wanted The Pit, or maybe MPSIMS… But I think I can help.

Ahem: No, GWB is not a Moron. He has obtained a poition of power, held that position, scattered his adversaries to the wind under their own momentum like a political Judo master and sucessfully set into motion every project he has conceived while in office.

I think the man is a genius for this reason.
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:urp: 'scuse me please.

And Evil? Not at all! He is merely illuminating weak points in our system by illustrating how they might be exploited by someone less benevolent. And he is giving us a hard lesson, like when a loving father gets out…The Belt.

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Now. Prove I’m wrong!

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Y’know I remember hearing the same thing from your opposites four years ago.

And no, I’m not a Republican.

So many typos in a rant calling a significant portion of the population “morons.”

And I especially liked this part:

Translation: “Don’t bother me with the facts! I’ve already made up my mind!” [crosses ams, closes eyes, and holds breath]

Well, we’re all really proud of you hate-mongering wackos.

What about the ones that are just thieving, very stingy morons? Can they stay?

And what, pray tell, do those nasty, brutish Bush supporters deserve? Care to elaborate?

[Raising hand] I dismiss anything Ramsey Clark says right out of hand. Anyone who says that Colin Powell is a war criminal, and then rushes to become Radovan Karadzic’s defense attorney, deserves to be ignored.

Inigo, that just ain’t fair I never ripped anyone who didn’t have it commin. Besides, most of the time I’m wrong anyway. Just search for askeptic & apology. I have been known to occasionally[sarcastic smilie] go off half cocked. But there are many examples where it has been pointed out and I sheepishly returned with my tail between my legs to offer sincere remorse. I am truely hurt. :cool: :frowning:

Never get bogged down in a land war in asia! To the pain! :smiley: :frowning:

They deserve to be in a different country. One where law and justice are meaningless and where Profit is the only redeeming value.
My own personal wish is that you all simply drop dead and do the whole world a very large favor.

Quint Essence, bravo! You have listed most of my concerns about this administration. I just saw Jon Stewart doing stand up this past weekend so, I have to pass along this little gem: “Bush isn’t the dumb one. It’s us. Why else would he talk to us the way he does? '” The reason why so many Americans support him is because most Americans are idiots. Most Americans had no idea Kabul was the capital of Afghanistan until we started bombing the shit out of it. Most Americans STILL believe Sadaam was behind 9/11. Most Americans think Survivor is the height of entertainment. The dishonest, lying, stupid administration we currently have is the administration we deserve considering only 51% of Americans voted in 2000. Bush isn’t the problem he’s a symptom of a problem: ignorance, apathy, and xenophobia. I heard that before he was elected president he had never visited a foreign country. Here are some additional concerns I have: why the hell does an incumbent president need $200million for his campaign? How dare he even dream that he can create a second class of citizens by a constitutional amendment. Here’s my final outrage: my co-worker lost her 18 year old son in Iraq last fall, after mission accomplished and “bring it on”. His humvee was attacked by rpgs. HiS HUMVEE WASN’T FUCKING ARMORED! NONE OF THE HUMVEES OVER THERE ARE! * How dare this president send our sons and daughters to a war without sufficient equipment! He’s just sending some great kids to the slaughter. Get Jenna in uniform and ship her out just wait and see how armored the humvees will be. Asshole…

*Please, try to write your congressman/senator on this issue. I’m trying to help my co-worker to get humvee armor budgeted.

by the way take george and the whole bush clan with you. That family has been the worst thing to ever happen to the USA and the world in general.
If the whole family were to disappear tomorrow I would spend every dime I have on the biggest party ever.

I’m pretty sure this would violate some sort of Genie Bottle Protocol.


How much ya wanna bet that somewhere, the Secret Service has a file on Quint Essence?

What about the Black Death? That wiped out about a third of the population of Europe. I don’t like Bush, but at least he hasn’t wiped out a third of the population of a continent.
…yet <laughs evilly>

You know, people like Quint Essence make it difficult for those of us on the fence to not vote for Bush, come November. One one hand, yes, Bush sucks. But on the other hand, we have two bad candidates, and electing Bush will piss off all sorts of people I find so incredibly annoying. Decisions, decisions!

Did I ever tell you about my plan to set up a booth outside of the polling place on Election Day? I will have a large tub of clothes pins and a sign reading “Take one, both choices stink”.

Not a bad plan…

It is amazing. Almost 300 million citizens. We have our share (if not more) of the world’s greatest scientists, artists, generals, philosophers, grocery baggers, car washers, etc, and Bush and Kerry are the choices? We field the mightiest army in the history of the world, we put people on the moon, we grow ‘human’ ears out of the backs of mice, but those two are all we could come up with?

Would that have made a difference? How much armor would be needed to stop a rocket? Would that much armor weigh down a Humvee enough that it might not be able to move as fast as it needs to? Would armor make the humvee more vulnerable, through lost manuevrablity? Does the army have armored Humvees they haven’t deployed? Does the army even want armored Humvees? If not, what’s their rationale? Here’s the army’s website about the Humvee, which calls it a “highly mobile,” “light tactical vehicle.” I’m not enough of a car guy to figure out what most of the numbers mean in terms of how much armor you could put on one of these things, but it sounds like not a hell of a lot before it starts becoming too heavy to fulfill its purpose. It also says they’ve been using them since 1985. That means that the lack of armored Humvees is hardly Bush’s fault. It also means they’ve been using these things for almost twenty years, in several armed conflicts (two of 'em in Iraq), and presumably have seen them in service often enough to know if they need to be armored.

I’m very sorry for your friend’s loss, and I agree that Bush bears absolute responsibility for placing your son in harm’s way in the first place. But I’m extremely leery of engineering decisions made by legislation. I’m only asking all these questions because you asked for help, and I need more information before I can do that.