WTF mate. Thread vanishes in GQ, thread locked in Pit.

Look, if the guy was a troll then so be it. It’s just annoying to be posting a reply to two threads and then hit enter, only to find out they’ve been closed/deleted :smack:

I’m talking about the anti-christ guy. I’d post a link but all traces of him have been removed. IMO, he was a little nutso but not a troll or a spammer. The book he linked to was actually kinda interesting.

Oh, I posted this after the pit thread was closed but before Skipmagic posted an explanation.

Now I feel silly. If there’s really nothing to discuss, then I guess this one can be closed to :smack:

Dude, I’m the anti-christ. The mods knew they had to put the kibosh on this pretender or risk my hellborn fury.

we’ll try to live w/o your pithy words of wisdom. Wish us luck.

Yeah, I don’t really see this one going anywhere.

Hold on thread, this is only going to sting for a second…