WTF moments from otherwise innocuous TV/movies

I was reading this AV Club review of an old episode of The Critic when it reminded me of a moment in that show I will never forget.

If you watched the show, you know the scene. Jay’s younger sister is getting ready for her debutante ball and the dressmaker asks her if she’s a virgin:

For the entire run of the show, Margo is portrayed as an awkward teenage girl who, if I remember right, seriously considered becoming a nun. So hearing her admit to playing with some boy’s pecker was shocking… especially for an early 90s cartoon.

What else you got?

There’s a scene in Clerks where Dante and Randal are nitpicking the ending of Return of the Jedi (found the dialog posted here), well I have a nitpick with that scene in Clerks.

Just as D and R are discussing the injustice in the killing of independent contractors when the second Death Star was destroyed, an actual contractor overhears them. He says that a smart contractor takes such risks into account, and tells them of a job that was too risky for him and that he passed along to a friend, who was then killed on that job.

What the fuck, dude? That’s how you treat your friends, set them up to get caught in the crossfire of a mob hit? Asshole probably did it on purpose to get rid of the competition; there’s now one less roofer in town.
I take a certain bizarre and meta-level pleasure in deconstructing a Kevin Smith movie in the same way that he deconstructs so many others.

I don’t remember her being portrayed as awkward. Smart, yes, but not awkward. She was meant to be attractive, I thought. And she did date Johnny Wrath, so it’s not like she was super innocent. (Maybe it was his pecker!)

When did she consider becoming a nun, btw?

I always thought the gloves thing was a masturbation joke

The Man Who Knew Too Much is Hitchcock, so obviously you kinda have to expect the unexpected, but by and large it’s a warm movie about loving parents devoted to getting their son back. However, the scene where Jimmy Stewart insists on drugging Doris Day before he’ll tell her what’s happened to the kid comes as a shock.

You can still be virginal if you masturbate.
ETA: In the book the Godfather, the subplot with the girl (Lucy, a bridesmaid at Connie’s wedding) and her…um, abnormally large vagina that requires surgical tightening. I know more than I need to about Mario Puzo’s misconceptions about women…


But there was no reason for her vagina to be tightened. She hadn’t given birth or anything – she just met some creepy doctor who told her it was too loose.

Wasn’t the joke that Sonny was supposed to be huge? And he did nail her at the wedding, as I recall from the movie … vividly. And in a off scene she is his mistress. In the movie, his wife is talking to other women, and she diagrams with her hands.



I don’t remember that her parts were too big, but that possibly her husband was on the small side and could not satisfy her. The blame always falls to the woman, though, thus her parts are too big for him. Not that he’s too small for her. She actually seeks out Sonny thinking he may be the one man who can satisfy her…she’s heard rumours of his size.

The movie makes her tryst with Sonny seem like a one time thing, but in the book they are lovers for a long time.

No, in the book her parts were too big and only Sonny could satisfy her. As his wife said (again, in the book) “When I found out he was sticking it to other girls, I went to church and lit a candle.” (I think Lucy overhears this line.)

However, in the book, she and Sonny (it is implied) became too involved, causing strain between him and his wife, and causing his father to chastise him (that part was in the movie… “all that foolishness with that young girl.”

To add to the thread: When Tom Cruise started dancing in Tropical Thunder (during the end credits, iirc.)

A lot of times in a comedy movie, the director will have the actors do the scene form the script and then when that’s recorded, give them an opportunity to do some ad-libs. If something works, it’ll get added to the movie. If not, you’ve got something for the DVD.

Watching the DVD bonus scenes of Year One, you’ll see Michael Cera ad-lib a joke about rape. It just lands with a thud.

She does reappear in the movie after the door-banging scene. Sonny visits her at some point. Obviously, not too late into the film. :slight_smile:

Also adding to the thread: the book-of-matches-catching-fire scene in Hard Eight a.k.a. Sydney.

It’s in the book

NSFW part

[spoiler]During the summer, preparing for the wedding of her best friend, Connie Corleone, Lucy heard the whispered stories about Sonny. One Sunday afternoon in the Corleone kitchen, Sonny’s wife Sandra gossiped freely. Sandra was a coarse, good-natured woman who had been born in Italy but brought to America as a small child. She was strongly built with great breasts and had already borne three children in five years of marriage. Sandra and the other women teased Connie about the terrors of the nuptial bed. “My God,” Sandra had giggled, “when I saw that pole of Sonny’s for the first time and realized he was going to stick it into me, I yelled bloody murder. After the first year my insides felt as mushy as macaroni boiled for an hour. When I heard he was doing the job on other girls I went to church and lit a candle.”

They had all laughed but Lucy had felt her flesh twitching between her legs.

Now as she ran up the steps toward Sonny a tremendous flash of desire went through her body. On the landing Sonny grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall into an empty bedroom. Her legs went weak as the door closed behind them. She felt Sonny’s mouth on hers, his lips tasting of burnt tobacco, bitter. She opened her mouth. At that moment she felt his hand come up beneath her bridesmaid’s gown, heard the rustle of material giving way, felt his large warm hand between her legs, ripping aside the satin panties to caress her vulva. She put her arms around his neck and hung there as he opened his trousers. Then he placed both hands beneath her bare buttocks and lifted her. She gave a little hop in the air so that both her legs were wrapped around his upper thighs. His tongue was in her mouth and she sucked on it. He gave a savage thrust that banged her head against the door. She felt something bumming pass between her thighs. She let her right hand drop from his neck and reached down to guide him. Her hand closed around an enormous, blood-gorged pole of muscle. It pulsated in her hand like an animal and almost weeping with grateful ecstasy she pointed it into her own wet, turgid flesh. The thrust of its entering, the unbelievable pleasure made her gasp, brought her legs up almost around his neck, and then like a quiver, her body received the savage arrows of his lightning-like thrusts; innumerable, torturing; arching her pelvis higher and higher until for the first time in her life. she reached a shattering climax, felt his hardness break and then the crawly flood of semen over her thighs. Slowly her legs relaxed from around his body, slid down until they reached the floor. They leaned against each other, out of breath.

It might have been going on for some time but now they could hear the soft knocking on the door. Sonny quickly buttoned his trousers, meanwhile blocking the door so that it could not be opened. Lucy frantically smoothed down her pink gown, her eyes flickering, but the thing that had given her so much pleasure was hidden inside sober black cloth. Then they heard Tom Hagen’s voice, very low, “Sonny, you in there?”

Sonny sighed with relief. He winked at Lucy. “Yeah, Tom, what is it?”

Hagen’s voice, still low, said, “The Don wants you in his office. Now.” They could hear his footsteps as he walked away. Sonny waited for a few moments, gave Lucy a hard kiss on the lips, and then slipped out the door after Hagen.

Lucy combed her hair. She checked her dress and pulled around her garter straps. Her body felt bruised, her lips pulpy and tender. She went out the door and though she felt the sticky wetness between her thighs she did not go to the bathroom to wash but ran straight on down the steps and into the garden. She took her seat at the bridal table next to Connie, who exclaimed petulantly, “Lucy, where were you? You look drunk. Stay beside me now.”

The blond groom poured Lucy a glass of wine and smiled knowingly. Lucy didn’t care. She lifted the grapey, dark red juice to her parched mouth and drank. She felt the sticky wetness between her thighs and pressed her legs together. Her body was trembling. Over the glass rim, as she drank, her eyes searched hungrily to find Sonny Corleone. There was no one else she cared to see. Slyly she whispered in Connie’s ear, “Only a few hours more and you’ll know what it’s all about.” Connie giggled. Lucy demurely folded her hands on the table, treacherously triumphant, as if she had stolen a treasure from the bride.[/spoiler]

In the film The Godfather Sonny is indeed shown leaving a tryst with her right before he goes to see Conny (and finds her black & blue and then goes and beats the shit out of her husband). Remember too that one of these trysts leads to the birth of Vincent Mancini, the major character from The Godfather Part III.

According to the DVD commentary Ben Stiller said that Cruise came up with this on his own, and early in preproduction. He said that he felt that Grossman should just, “have a little dance he does” and Stiller was like, “Ah, ok, sure” at the time. But he acknowledges how Cruise knew what he was talking about as him dancing in the film like that was hilarious. I thought so too…

I don’t think it would even raise an eyebrow now, but in the first season of ***Glee ***there’s a scene where two of the cheerleaders, Santana & Brittney, are walking in a school hallway together while talking on the phone with some of the other kids who are on their phones in different parts of the school. It’s all shown in split-screen. One of the other kids says to Santana, “Aren’t you dating Puck?” Santana replies, “Sex is not dating.” Brittney adds, “If sex were dating, then Santana and I would be dating.” Everybody pauses a beat with “WTF?” looks on their faces and then continue with the previous conversation. Meanwhile, TV viewers across the country were fumbling for the rewind button on their remote controls saying “Did I hear that right?”
Their romantic relationship has since become a regular part of the show, but at the time, that really seemed to come of of nowhere.

Best comment/user name EVER!

Yeah, at the time, I misheard it.

The Alex’s best friend who we had never heard referred to before but whose death nearly cracks the young republican’s fragile psyche episode of “Family Ties”

Agree it made no sense. But hey, it was either that or kill off Skippy. And killing off Skippy? That’s like kicking a thousand puppies in a row!