Great moments in otherwise mediocre movies

What are some of your favorite moments in films that you don’t otherwise care much about.
I thought “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” was pretty dumb (I didn’t believe there was such a thing as too many dick jokes and porn puns until I saw this). But one moment that did crack me up was when Seth Rogen was filming his porn scene with Elizabeth Banks and says, “I’m going to fuck you with my pecker,” and then she says that sounds too dirty, so he says “I’m going to fuck you with my penis.”"
“Duets” was a mediocre film that nevertheless had a lot of great little moments in it, or least more than you would expect from a movie about karaoke. If I happen to see it’s on TV, I’ll make a mental note to tune back in at the end to see Andre Braugher sing “Freebird.” That always chokes me up a little.

Why wait for tv?

There are only two good things about The Thomas Crown Affair remake, but they’re both very very good things: Rene Russo nudity and the magnificent Nina Simone climax.

Hey look, Frankie Faison! Wirespotting never gets old.

The fight in The Patriot. Yeah, that one. (Okay, the fort in the swamp was sort of cool, but wouldn’t have risen the film above mediocrity by itself.)

DC Cab wasn’t good for much, but it was good for a scene in which the cabbies have, with some trepidation, agreed to form their own cab company. As the decision is reached, Gary Busey jumps up on the hood of a cab and says to the assembly (in grave earnest):

"I just want to get one thing straight: I don’t work on January 8…

…'cause that’s Elvis’s birthday."

(At which point Busey commences Elvis-style gyrations and the other cabbies burst into laughter.)

I use that line in every job interview.

Seeing as it’s Halloween time, here’s the well-known night nurse scene from the otherwise godawful “Exorcist III.” Warning: No graphic bloodletting, but it’s one of the most intense horror movie moments ever.

The Phantom Menace was much worse than mediocre but the big light-sabre battle was terrific; perhaps the best in the entire series.

Continuing with the horror movie theme:

The elevator scene in The Eye (the original Chinese version). The rest of the movie is nothing special, but that scene is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in a horror film.

There’s a scene in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure where they have to get into the police station. Ted (or it may have been Bill) says something like “hey, remind me later to go back in time and hide my dad’s keys under this rock.” Then they lift the rock, and the keys are right there.

That elevates the whole movie for me, at least a little. That one clever idea convinced me the rest of the movie’s stupidity was strongly tongue in cheek.

This is probably one of the more effective jump scares I’ve ever seen. It’s one that genuinely frightened me, rather than made me annoyed that the filmmakers would resort to such cheap tricks.

Actually, the spiderwalk scene in the original Exorcist wasn’t too bad, either. Only part of the movie I found even remotely scary, actually.

The first part of the Pit of Death scene in Meet the Spartans.

I didn’t really care much for the first Mission: Impossible. But I thought the Chunnel/helicopter chase scene at the end, as contrived as it may have been, was awesome.

As I stated in another thread - the Coffee Time dance number in “Yolanda and the Thief” - not only is it Fred Astaire, but the song is intoxicatingly…jazzy.

I’m not a fan of slapstick and I sit through National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with a vague sense I’d rather be doing something else. But Chevy Chase’s frustrated speech near the end is a marvel!

I found French Kiss to be yet another in Meg Ryan’s ongoing serious of brainless romantic comedies, except for the scene in which Kevin Kline’s character has her smell the flowers and herbs native to his family’s vineyard, then taste the wine. It was as if that scene alone had been lifted from a vastly superior script that had never gotten the green light on its own.

I thought the film’s redeeming moment was the end musical number. In fact, the group I was watching it with all agreed that if that had been how the film was done, it would have been pretty worthwhile to watch.

Whenever “So I Married an Axe Murderer” is on I tune in for the scene where Mike Myers plays his own father. Him dancing around and singing to the Bay City Rollers “Saturday Night” just cracks me up every time. The rest of the move, not so much.

I believe that The Invisible Agent was intended to be a screwball comedy. Unfortunately, it is extremely unfunny. However, Peter Lorre makes a very scary villain, and his final scene is awesome.

In the climactic fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon, there is a moment when the fight pauses, and the two men exchange glances. Neither actor says a word, but you know exactly what both characters are thinking.

The third X-Men movie mostly sucked, but there was one great sequence in which Kitty Pryde used her brain to defeat the Juggernaut’s brawn.

Wow, didn’t know he could sing. Was Huey Lewis looking sad because of that? And did I see Paul Giamatti in the crowd?

Yes, you did indeed.

(Everyone who performed in that movie did their own singing, BTW)