WTF was this girls problem?

I’m sorry! You were doing fine until you farted. I just had to move away after that…

I agree that she thought you were flirting. Some people think any interaction with someone else constitutes flirting. My brother one time was at a community get together and needed another chair at his table. He walked over to a woman at another table and said, “is anyone using this chair?” and she replied,“I have a boyfriend.” Uh, that’s great is he using this chair or can we take it over there?

SHAKES only dodged that bullet if he was hitting on her. He only wanted a little conversation during lunch.

Sounds like you learned all you needed to know about her in just a few minutes. So there was maybe a 10 year difference in your ages, so what!?

My current wife was 4 years old when I started college. Of course we didn’t date back then. 35 years later and it seems to be a very good fit.

It was meant as an insult to her as in “I hope you get fucked”.

Looks like your math skills have deteriorated since those college days of yours. :wink:

The OP said the girl was about 19ish. He then said it had been about 18 years since was in college. Unless he’s Doogie Houser, I’d say there’s more than a 10 year difference.

She’s an airhead. Get over it.

I often remember the quote “T’is better to have loved and lost, rather to have to live with the bitch for the rest of your life.”

I don’t care how pretty she is, she just doesn’t sound worth it.
It (ahem) just ain’t that good to deal with that for the rest of your life.

Or maybe it is. The choice is yours.

Ooops, I guess that would be about 20 years, since he says she was 19-20 ish and he was 39. Guilty as charged. :smack:

Try, “You don’t need your card, if you’re carrying your penis.”

Insert King Missile reference here.

“is anyone using this chair” sounds superficially similar to “may I sit here in this chair next to you”. Not that it isn’t a rude way to respond, but I mean, presumably she thought he was asking if he could sit next to her, not take the chair.

The only possible explaination is that you are disgusting. Sorry.

One day I’ll find the logic diagram for one of the those things, but I aint holding my breath.

I found one once, it looked like a plate of spaghetti.

Bingo. She thought you were teh hawt but didn’t want to get into a sitch with a geezer. Color yourself flattered. Sorta.

I think she pooped herself and said, “Ew” as her cover.

And when she tells her girlfriends about it, it’ll be “oh- my- God- you would not believe what happened to me today. I was at the counter and this old, creepy guy- he must have been, like, 50 or something, starts hitting on me. I’m like ‘whatever’, and he’s all ‘hey baby’, and ugh, I was like, totally skeeved out! Get away from me, you freakin’ perv!”

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I remember when I was that age, 39 seemed like older than grandpa. I remember one summer right out of college, my friends and I had a Jersey Shore house. So we’re at this club and I end up talking to this girl. I was 23 and turns out she was 35 with a 19 year old kid (he wasn’t there). And this was before “cougar” was term people used. So I pretty much had the same reaction your dumb girl did.

Although I got over it a week later when I ran into her again and we ended up hooking up. So maybe don’t count that girl out yet.:wink:
Usually, I find that age becomes less of an issue after 23 or so once kids enter the real world and are actually exposed to fun people who are in their 20s, 30s or even 40s who they don’t immediately associate with their parents friends.


I wouldn’t entertain any other options. Even if it’s not true, this is the one I’d go with.

Don’t worry, man. Old people rule!

Even if young 20-year old hotties get grossed out to the max.

Wasn’t there a thread like that not to long ago?:slight_smile: