WTH?! People want to legalize cross-bred "leopard cats" as pets?! Good idea or not?

House cat is a step closer to gaining legal status

Defiant Breeders

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Pussycat vs. Bengal

Bengals are NOT wild. I just had to give mine up for adoption, because I couldn’t keep him when I had to move in with my parents. He is a sweet, affectionate, active cat who is anything but a wild animal. I miss him like crazy. (He went to a Bengal rescue, run by a guy who has bred them for years.)

We’re not talking huge leopards here; the wildcats in question are small. And while the foundation cats ARE wild, or wilder, by the time you reach to true Bengals they are most certainly not. The guy who took my kitty has probably the only friendly F1 – the first cross – cat anywhere. His name is Pretty Boy and is he ever. He lives in the house. His other foundation cats live in a beautiful outdoor enclosure.

I was HORRIFIED to find out that I’d had an illegal cat in Georgia for six years. Then again, ferrets are illegal in California the last I heard, and they are domesticated animals!

I had no idea that they were illegal in some areas. We’ve been able to buy them from breeders up here for years.

If I ever get another kitty, a Bengal would definetly be in the running.

I only found out about the Georgia law after I moved to Louisiana and was poking around online looking for help with finding my kitty another home. Somewhere I ran across an article about it. I never would have dreamed that my sweet cat could be illegal!

Anybody who was greeted by George, the self-appointed greeter at the rescue, would be quickly convinced that Bengals are not wildcats. He was ALL OVER us. I was quite charmed.

There was a thread in here about someone who had a bengal in Texas (Dallas?) and was fighting the municipality to keep him.

I love how they quote the weight. My cats are 15 and 20 pounds respectively. Should I lock them up? (the big goosy fluffballs! :slight_smile: )

There is a site here describing the physical attributes of the Asian Leopard Cat - which apparantly tends be to a SMALLER size than Bengals do.

I would never consider buying a purebred domestic feline - but I might consider buying a Bengal. Happy that they’re on their way to becoming legalized in Georgia :slight_smile:

They keep talking about the weight like it’s a big deal. My regular ol’ domestic mackerel tabby Tybalt is twenty-five pounds (he was seventeen pounds or so when that picture was taken). Sure we have to take him to a self-service dogwashing place to give him a bath, but those Bengal kitties are tiny in comparison.

Several dopers have Bengals.

Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull fame) has them, too.

They’d be my first choice if I was going to buy a cat.