Wunderground Weather Data

Stupid question: I was told Underground Weather (Wunderground.com) can tell you the amount of solar energy reaching the ground per square meter (W/m^2) somewhere in all the data presented for any particular city. Maybe it’s staring me right in the face, but I can’t find it. Maybe a SDoper has needed this data before?

“somewhere in all the data presented for any particular city”

i looked for this too----as i was curious how much solar energy i could get if i installed some panels.

The solar energy data is only available if that particular weather station has a solar intensity sensor (or whatever it’s formally called).

Unfortunately, wunderground doesn’t have a search filter to find such stations (that i know of)----you’re going to have to click on each station until you find one station that shows the solar radiance data-----it will be located under the wind speed/wind direction data…

There is a calculator there for how much energy you can generate:
It’s based on various (select-able) models.

I didn’t see anything for actual data, however.

Thanks, all! And, I’ll be sure to check out the link, Digital is the new Analog posted.