WWE Network

$9.99 a month, but you gotta sign up for at least six months.

Honestly, when they were working this all out, I thought “Why the fuck would I want to pay them $10 a month for old content, pre-show bullshit, more divas drama crap and shit like that?”

But it appears that all of the PPVs, including Wrestlemania, come with the package. :eek:

Now, I have been a wrestling fan all of my adult life, since I started taking my younger foster brothers to AWA events back circa 1980. But in all of that time, I have NEVER paid for a PPV. I’ve only ever watched two of them, at friend’s houses.

But damn, this is tempting.

If someone regularly watches WWE on pay per view this will probably work out to the good. They seem to have a lot of them and they are getting expensive. Too expensive for me as I never watch them anymore.

I’d be interested in seeing the daily schedule.
If there’s effort put into presentation and programming, it might seriously be worth it as an old school fan.

Hmm. There’s basically a PPV each month, right? And they’re not cheap–like $40-60, depending on HD or no? Seems like a no-brainer if you would be watching, say, three or more PPVs otherwise. (Or if you’d like to watch some number of PPVs, and feel that $120/yr is fair for that).

Definitely a deal! There’s a group of 4 or 5 of us that split PPVs, so this will make it a lot cheaper. Plus, classic uncensored ECW Hardcore TV and PPVs and Chris Benoit won’t be edited out.

I didn’t hear about “classic ECW hardcore TV” - just the ECW (and WCW) PPVs (plus WCW Nitro, as part of “The Monday Night Wars”).

As for Benoit, (a) has this been confirmed, and (b) if it has, I have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before somebody complains - “I will not let my kids watch any WWE programs, take them to any WWE house shows, or buy any more WWE merchandise until you stop glorifying this murderer, and don’t try comparing WWE to NFL - no, I don’t let my sons play football, but everybody knows professional wrestling is fake. Oh, and I realize there are no Senate seats open in Connecticut in 2014, but if I ever see Linda’s name on a ballot before you change this policy, then I am voting Democrat on the entire ballot.”

Including WrestleMania in the price isn’t too surprising, as the rumors were that this year’s WM would be included for anybody who paid for the first 6 months (which appears to be a requirement for everybody who wants the network). I just hope they don’t bump up the price to $15/month next year, which would cover what would normally be the cost of getting the WrestleMania PPV.

Only question will really be how good the feed will be, since it is internet and not cable TV.

Benoit has been confirmed, but with some sort of disclaimer running in front of each show he’s in (I don’t believe the exact disclaimer has been revealed. “Please don’t try this at home” doesn’t quite seem enough…)

Will be interesting to see what this does to people searching for illegal streams. Assuming the launch goes OK, I can see a lot of people that are currently watching PPV streams of questionable quality being willing to risk $9.95 a month even with the occasional main event non-finish.

As I wrote elsewhere;

“WWE is not responsible for the 10,000 concussions that caused Chris Benoit to go mental and kill his entire family. Don’t try this at home.”

Not showing Benoit has always been unfair to other wrestlers, IMO.

I could have sworn I saw the Hardcore TV logo on one of the screens.

Apparently, it’s being handled by the same company that does MLB’s online streaming, so the quality should be decent.

As someone who’s dropped several hundred dollars on PPVs in the past year, I for one can’t wait to sign up. The on-demand library will apparently include every past WWE and WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever as well, which is just icing on the cake.

“The views of Chris Benoit* expressed in his home in June 2007 do not represent the views of the WWE, its management, the SuperStars™, the Divas™ or its sponsors. The WWE does not endorse going mental, killing your entire family, or committing suicide. Viewer discretion is advised.”

  • …balls.

Wondering if the app for the ipad will allow pass-though to a device - meaning, can I hook up my iPad to my TV with the digital connector and stream it through to the TV. If they don’t have that set up, they’d better work it out.

I’m in for one reason–the on-demand library. If they make everything available it will be heaven for this NWA/WCCW fan.

I’ll be in it for the PPVs, including the ability to go back and watch some of the old ones.

And hoping some of those people will be able to get their fix of Hogan, et al and stop spamming the wrestling news sites with stupid assed questions about when Hogan is going to come back and headline Wrestlemania again or similar nonsense. :rolleyes:

Hogan has 2 matches worth watching. The first was Bash at the Beach 1996. The second was Shawn Michaels acting like a cartoon at Summerslam.

His match against the Rock is a classic. And his match with Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania VII holds a fond place in my heart (partly because I was 8 years old at the time, still thought wrestling was real, and for some reason believed that the outcome of the match would affect whether America won or lost the Gulf War.)

If my husband finds out about this, I’ll never see him again.

This is gonna be cool. Im not a fan of todays WWE crap, but id love to watch matches from the days when WWE was great.

It wasn’t the match that won the Gulf War, but WrestleMania VII itself - had Vince not moved the event from the L.A. Coliseum to the Sports Center “for security reasons,” everybody would have noticed that the Coliseum was 3/4 empty (I used to joke that the real reason it was moved had nothing to do with either security or ticket sales, but over two of the biggest egos in sports - Vince McMahon and Al Davis (remember, the Raiders were in Los Angeles at the time) - fighting over who controlled the luxury boxes at the Coliseum for the event), which would have lowered America’s morale just enough for Iraq to win the war.