WWE: Was Stephanie McMahon recast?

I haven’t watched wrestling with any regularity for five years or more. Last time was around the whole Stephanie/Triple H marriage business, maybe a little after. Anyways, in flipping through the channels a while back I stumble across one or another of the WWE shows and there’s someone identified as Stephanie McMahon, and she looks completely different. Then earlier tonight I see a promo for a WWE PPV event featuring all four of the McMahons, and “Stephanie” really looks different. Taller, face is longer, just seems overall bigger than I remember. I checked IMDB and there’s nothing there that indicates Stephanie is anyone but Stephanie, but my goodness she doesn’t look like the same person.

She could look bigger due to her breast augmentation of a few years ago and her current pregnancy but you must be misremembering the rest. Wrestling, while scripted, isn’t exactly a movie or a television show and the vast majority of the characters are proprietary, especially the daughter of the owner and chairman of the company.

Yeah, Little Steph has changed a lot since her early appearances. She’s gotten implants and a nose job, plus she’s carrying the Antichri… I mean Triple HHHH’s kid. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s had other work done too.

I know Stephanie’s a real person, but haven’t there been, for example, multiple people who wrestled under the name (and mask) of Kane? I know he doesn’t wear the mask any more but back in the masked days I thought I remembered hearing that. There isn’t anything really stopping them from hiring some actress to play Stephanie if they wanted to, other than fans maybe not accepting the change.

She and HHH are together IRL? Or is she knocked up by someone else and it’s only HHH’s kid for storyline purposes?

Nope. Glenn Jacobs has always been Kane (and Jim Hellwig has always been The Ultimate Warrior) but before he got his current character, he did have a brief stint as (fake) Diesel, a character created for and played by Kevin Nash. The uproar over that was so loud that it will be a very long time before Vince ever tries something like that again outside of the Max Moons and Doink the Clowns of the wrestling world.

Stephanie and Paul Levesque (HHH) are a real couple. They became close while married in storylines and married a year or two ago. The child is his.

He was also Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS before the Fake Diesel gimmick.