WWF: Mindless Entertainment or Prime Time Homoerotic Carnival?

I would think that somebody behind the scenes is of a lavender predisposition. The evidence:

  1. All the guys are more than half-naked.
  2. There’s an AWFUL lot of tight-fitting leather speedos being worn.
  3. Nobody seems to have any body hair.
  4. Some of the “moves” are more than suggestive…several involve the grinding of crotches into faces.
  5. Even the women look like men.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”


But you wouldn’t get me to say that in front of one of the fans.

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Put me down for both. Pro wrestling has always been both opera for the working classes and kitschy psycho-drama done up in spangles for the others. Kind of like going to a mall opening.

‘Professional Wrestling’ on television is the pabulum for the general, passive aggressive, sadistic, combative, moronic, simple minded and generally easily led members of the general public. I would assume that the majority of the regular watchers are also those who avidly watch the television ministries who bilk the poor, desperate and elderly out of their hard earned money to pad their own corporate pockets with. There has to be a survey done somewhere to show that professional wrestling fans usually are of low IQ, possibly the product of inbreeding, consume far above the average amount of beer and have velvet paintings of Elvis adorning the walls of their homes.


Just don’t burst my bubble by telling me that professional wrestling matches are fixed.

I seem to half recall some ex wrestler a few years ago making claims that the wrestling industry is rife with homosexual casting-couch type abuses. Anybody else remember this?

I pray that my mind didn’t come up with that image on it’s own…

Hey, Serlin, I watch wrestling and I wouldn’t consider myself brainless.
Yeah, it’s stupid, yeahthere’s questionably dressed men and women, yeah, they’re irresponsible.
Doesn’t everyone here laugh at stupid jokes sometimes?
I wouldn’t say it’s mindless, as there is some great scriptwriting. But so what.
I admit it ain’t the highest form of entertainment, but does everyone have to play chess and drink tea with our pinkies out? Nope.

JMcC, San Francisco
“Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring”

Mindless entertainment. Definitely. We’re talking somewhere along the scale of the paramecium level, here.

And all of the boys in the crowd implore the boy wrestlers to “Suck it.”


Yer pal,

Actually, Pro Wrestling is a pretty interesting business. I’ve done some legal work for a for a pro wrestler (he’s not currently active but, if you follow the “sport” you’d recognize the name). We had some intriguing discusions about how the business works and I’ve been over the conracts and merchandising agreements and had some correspondence with management (you’d recognize some of those names too).

Pro Wrestling is show biz, of course, but a lot of the people in the business got there by way of collegiate or Olympic wrestling programs. Many are real athletes who went pro for the money, which can be very good. You can draw a (admittedly shakey) parallel to Olympic Ice Skaters who end up in the Ice Capades dressed up like Bunny Rabbits.

Aside from the theatrical aspect, wrestlers tend to be pretty smart, talented people and, silly performances notwithstanding, they are usually pretty good athletes.

Take the performance with a big grain of salt. There’s a lot of humor mixed in with the silliness and everybody knows it’s not real. It can be fun. Hey…I lke Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare as much as the next guy…but I still have “Porky’s” and “Animal House” in the tape rack.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

Just gotta say that with a few small exceptions, the women on the wrestling shows are smokin! Not amazon, freakishly masculine at all. Fake tan, with implants, yes. Excluding the ones intended to be he-she characters of course. I think its the half nakes blondes, with huge implants that balances the homoerotic overtones.

Carry on.

(I hope no one is actually serious that they think a high percentage of wrestling is homoerotic. Sure, some may be just like anywhere, but the showmanship and costumes make a pretty weak arguement)

Sorta like “Seinfeld” on steroids.

Not being from the US I don’t see a lot of pro wrestling, but whenever I catch a glimpse of it I find it hilarious, until it gets predictable. ie. for about two minutes

Sure its funny but I can’t imagine what kind of morons watch it ehough to make this such a big showbiz event.

ah, but what can one expect from Americans :slight_smile:

And did they make million, bilions or grillions on the IPO stock debut?

Darn, I was laughing:

And did they make millions, billions or grillions on hte IPO stock debut?

That’s better!

No it isn’t :slight_smile:


While wrestling itself is none too intellectual, the wrestlers themselves are more than cartoon characters.

See the movie Beyond the Mat for a look at the men behind the masks.

J’ai assez vécu pour voir que différence engendre haine.

I guess I should be prepared to be flamed, but I have to at least try to give some facts on the industry. First, yes the wrestlers know who’s going to win the match. They don’t go out there trying to kill each other, but being in the ring is very dangerous. Recently, Darren Drozdov was paralyzed when a move went wrong. For a perspective on the inside of the industry, I suggest reading Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, by Mick Foley (The movie Beyond the Mat also stars Foley). This guy is known as the king of the death matches. He’s been thrown off a 20 ft.cage, ripped to pieces by barbed wire, lost his right ear, blown up by C4 explosives, and had more injuries than I can remember.

Here’s a little inside terminology. Mark: Anyone who thinks wrestling is real. Booker: The writers, and people who plan the match. They only give the story line, wrestlers do all the mic work, and plan everything except the “spots.” Spot: A pre-planned point in the match where something specific is supposed to be done by the bookers. Babyface: Good guy. Heel: Bad Guy. Jobber: Someone who always loses. “Doing the job.”-Losing the match. Blade: To use a razor or other instrument to produce blood or “juice”. Hard juice: bleeding from a real injury, usually rare. Sports-entertainment: The current term for wrestling. The WWF has admitted to the public since 1991 that they didn’t have real matches. Heat: Getting cheered or booed. Work: A storyline the bookers want you to believe. Shoot: Either a real match, or an interview where a wrestler says his true feelings about a company.

{I seem to half recall some ex wrestler a few years ago making claims that the wrestling industry is rife with homosexual casting-couch type abuses. Anybody else remember this?}
The guy’s wrestling name was “Nailz”. He was a liar and bitter over losing his job. The accusations came from the fact that Pat Paterson, a booker, is openly gay. “Nailz” decided to go public in order to get some cheap revenge.

I love to watch pro-wrestling, and I’m pretty much a normal person. I’m an intelligent female college student, not some “backwoods redneck moron who thinks wrestling is real”. People who believe this have about the same stereotypical beliefs as those who think every black man plays basketball. I hope some of you understand this a little better now, even if I’m not an expert on the matter. If you want anymore information, try to find the alt.pro-wrestling FAQ, I don’t have the address.
http://www.wrestleline.com/wrestlemaniacs is a good source for current news. Thanks to everyone that read this!

I too am a wrestling fan. No I understand it is not real, but it is entertaining.

I live my whole day in the real world, I need escapism and wrestling does that.

Are movies real? No, but you do not hear people complaining and calling others stupid for watching Romeo and Juliet or some other such story.

Are they all homosexual? No, why do they wear skimpy costumes? Why to baseball and football players wear tight pants?

Partly because loose clothing could cause injuries. Partly to get women to stop and watch the show. Men watch for the action, women watch for the bodies. Are some gay? I am sure there are gay wrestlers. Does it matter? Not to me.

Mindless entertainment? Not really more mindless than most stuff on TV or on the Movies today. And a lot more interesting than most of the crap that gets put out.

Wrestlers for both WCW and WWF are real athletes. They wrestle 2,3,4 or more matches a week. They usually have to wrestle injured or not get paid. They preform moves that if not executed properly can seriously hurt them or their opponent.

If you do not like wrestling fine, but why make such blanket statements about the low level of intellegence of those who do?


Is wrestling homoerotic? Yes, two guys rolling around on a mat touching eachother and everything. It is very homoerotic. There are a lot of gay wrestlers. I won’t mention the names I know, but one of my best friends was dating a WWF wrestler for about 2 years. He even would go on “tour” with him from time to time. I doubt anything like the casting couch exists in the wrestling world. I know it is all faked but I do admire their athleticism (sp?). Imagine going out into a ring and throwing and be thrown around for about five minutes. They don’t even seem to tire. That takes a lot of endurance.


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