Your favorite sport sucks too, SUCKA!

This is a wrestling thread.

Well, got your opinions on how wrestling is not real, and everything is fake, and how much it sucks yet?



I hate it. Twice a week (three times a week during PPV weeks) I watch wrestling. I love it. It’s soap operas for men.

I know it’s fake. I have heard that it is fake from people a helluva lot smarter than you. Matter of fact, I know exactly how it works because my father was a promoter for the Texas Wrestling Association. Heel’s and Baby Faces. Pushes and Suplexes. I know the business of wrestling, and I don’t need your fucking opinions on it when you don’t know half about it than I do.

The worst part is when people do it while I am watching my program. Its like walking up to a baseball fan watching a game and saying “You know, baseball sure is slow. I hate how long it takes. What’s up with all those numbers? Blah. Blah. Blah.”

Shut the hell up! I like my program. You want to debate it, fine, we can debate it but not while Stone Cold is fighting Kurt Angle (or whatever the match of the month is).

Wait till its over ya fuckram.

Yes, and while the story lines may be fictional, the wrestling still requires loads of physical work and potential injury.

I absolutely HATE it when someone comments “Well, none of those moves are real!”. Shut the fuck up. I’d like to see YOU try to do any of the complex moves that are performed.

Might wanna change that to “Your favorite TV show sucks too, SUCKA” instead of sport :wink:

I actually thought about that, but Wrestling is what is considered Sports Entertainment (kinda like the XFL whiched sucked IMHO), so I left it sport.

I thought we were past the point where people would think that “revealing” wrestling to be predetermined would be so freaking amazing.

I don’t have much interest in wrestling, but I have to say, one of the very best SNL episodes I have seen in quite some time was when The Rock was on. Excellent showmanship.

Yeah, I would like to see someone say that to Droz whose neck was broken in a match with DeLo Brown. He is now in a wheelchair and will be for the rest of his life. :frowning:

I love wrestling, I’ve been a fan for many years and am damn proud to be one too ! So there ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Y2J, couldn’t have said it better.
Amen brother, I don’t why people think they are telling me something I haven’t heard before.

Damn Jabroni’s!



You don’t whine at me about how much I’m willing to pay to see Rent, Taming of the Shrew, Joffery Ballet or a decent choir and I’ll even bring you a beer with your show. As long as I don’t have to watch it with you.

I have a nodding respect for the theatre and athletisim that is required for wrestling. I’ll take mine in tutus to classical music, personally. But, whatever floats your boat.

I loved Rent. I am a huge fan of Operah and Ballet. I saw Lord of the Dance four times in its first week. I catch Masterpiece Theater about once a month, and have a lifetime membership to both the Houston Museum of Natural Science and The Gallery of Fine Arts Houston.

Just because I like Wrestling doesn’t mean I don’t like the fine arts as well.

Wrestling fans are like everyone else in this world. They are all different.

Can I apply the OP to auto racing in general and NASCAR specifically, and get a hell yeah?

Didn’t someone else get a broken neck (or serious injury) from the Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver?


Let me re-state.

Anyone who objects to anyone else’s hobby/form of entertainment that doesn’t hurt either the person in question or the questioner is a jackass. (I was supporting you, support, I won’t watch wrestling with you, but I’ll help kick people who think you shouldn’t/its dumb for you to do so/etc)

My apologies for the misread. :slight_smile:

[sub]You knew I’d respond to this, didn’t you?[/sub]

Monster104, actually it was Stone Cold Steve Austin who was injured when getting a piledriver from Owen Hart.

I hear this bullshit all the time. I especially hate the phrase “But you’re an intelligent person, so why do you watch it?”

I watch it because I like it, ok fuckwaffle? I like the athletcism the moves require, the cheesy acting and the comedy.

Some examples:

Athletcism-see Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam. I’ve actually shown disbelievers the TLC match and changed a few minds.

Cheesy Acting-Vince McMahon is the master of this. SCSA is a very close runner-up. Then there’s Stephanie “watch me point my chin and pout” McMahon.

Comedy-Prime example on Raw Monday. Stasiak charges Angle, misses completely, and plows into the wall. Sounds puerile but if you had seen it…

And anyone who hinks wrestlers are big musclebound idiots should watch the Rock, Chris Jericho, Triple H or Mick Foley cut a promo. The crowd eats out of their hand.

robgruver, did your dad work with the Von Erich’s?

[sub]Made it all the way through without mentioning how hot Jeff and RVD are. Shit, did I just post that?[/sub]

I tend to think of professional wrestling in the same category of sport with gymnastics, or figure skating (okay, I realize that last draws up inevitable images of The Rock in a white sequinned leotard).

Yes, it’s preplanned. Yes, it’s rehearsed. The point is not the contest, but the skill demonstrated in the performance.

I don’t actually like pro wrestling, but that’s just a personal preference. What those guys do IS athletic, though it’s not the same thing that the Greco-Roman wrestlers do.

Those damn action movies! They go on and on, all serious, but you know what? THEY’RE FAKE! That’s right, the moves are preplanned. they use stuntmen, and when they fire guns, they’re not even using real bullets. OMG!!111

In fact, movies in general are fake, and coreographed. You see romance on screen? It was staged. See two guys fighting? Staged. Drama, pathos, comedy? All staged.

How could any intelligent person watch a movie? Don’t they know it’s fake? And theater? Guess what? It’s fake too! Lolol Just because they seem to be doing it live, it’s still fake because they rehearsed the scene previously, using scrips! Any conflict you see was already predetermined weeks, months or even YEARS earlier!

Geesh, get a life people!

** P.S. I just found out that my step-uncle-in-law (Or something) met Booker T. recently, signing autographs in his hometown of Friendswood. I am so freakin’ jealous right now!*

No one did. hardygrrl commented on SCSA’s broken neck from Owen Hart’s botched piledriver. IIRC, The Undertaker gave HHH a tombstone, and there was a scare that HHH might have had a neck injury, but it turned out in a couple days he was fine. That was enough for Vince. It’s been a year, or a year and a half since he said no more piledrivers, tombstone or otherwise. It strikes me as odd that it took an “almost” injury for it to sink in to Vince that the piledriver can be a legitimately dangerous move if not done exactly right. Seems to me the right time to ban the move would have been after the real injury.

And I agree with the OP in all aspects except for calling it “sport” in the subject.

I’d like to add something.

For all those who still think it’s all fake and no one gets hurt, I recommend watching Tough Enough on MTV.
The premise is they picked thirteen people to fight for a contract with the WWF. They are undergoing training with WWF stars and they are getting bruised and battered learning the ropes.

One great example is when they learned how to bounce of the ring ropes. They all raised their arms afterwards to show huge welts and bruises from hitting the ropes wrong.


Sealemon88, prepare to be jealous. So far. I’ve met Mick Foley, Jericho, Edge, Christian, Test, Albert, DeVon and Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and Grandmaster Sexay.
Just have to meet Team Extreme, Rob Van Dam and Spike Dudley. :slight_smile:


I posted my feelings about calling it a sport in an above post. I still stand by it.

My dad worked with them, but I don’t remember them to much. My favorite was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He would pick me up by my foot waaaaaaaaayyyy over his head, and we would laugh at each other. :slight_smile: He is a great dude, I see him everytime he comes to town, and I consider him a good friend.

Sorry. I just like the guy. :wink: