Why is wrestling seen in a bad way?

I’m not talking about high-school or Olympic wrestling, more specifically the WWF.

The typical arguement given is that “its all fake”, or “its all predetermined”. Well, yes that is true. But, surely it is only fake in the same way a film (movie for anyone American-inclined) is fake - It looks real. Surely that is important? Its entertaining and fun to watch. I’ll try to locate a video clip later of someone falling 16 feet off a cage through a table. Can that be construed as fake?

I think a lot of people have a problem with the attitudes of the wrestlers. Little kids end up emulating these guys, and it shows improper handling of situations that should best be handled by talking it out. Guy says something mean to you? Beat him over the head with a chair! Basically, it’s not exactly family values. Now, I don’t really care either way. I’m not a fan because it just doesn’t appeal to me. I think some of the guys are pretty cool, but others I just think look like asses. The thing I don’t like about it, is not that it’s fake…it’s that it just FEELS so fake. Sure, the body slams and stuff are neat, but the punches? Give me a break!


Should children who are too young to understand the way chairshots etc. work be allowed to watch wrestling?

I think not.

The whole beauty of sport is its ultimate unpredictability.

Your team just might get lucky.The committed and skillful will usually wind up on top but to get there requires dedication and self-belief.

There is such a thing as honest endeavor, you try your best and if you lose at least you gave it a shot.

WWF wrestling is none of these things - it is entertainment, a caberet on steroids, a karaoke of orchestrated violence. Folk cheer, let their emotions loose in the good guy versus bad guy pantomime and go home safe in the knowledge that it isn’t real and has no authenticity.

Isn’t it enjoyed in a different way to “regular” sport? You admit yourself it is different.

http://davidfj.simplenet.com/mankind/kotr982.avi - this says a hell of a lot about “fakeness”.

Wrestling is unpredictable… People become “good guys” and “bad guys” and switch back all the time. You honestly don’t know what will happen.

The fact that it is fake doesn’t even enter into it for me. I consider it to be a gratuitously violent soap opera. My kids don’t really need any more encouragement to hit each other, or to try wrestling moves. It may be an entertainment form, but not the kind I like.

The projection of stereotypes by the WWF is deplorable. The way that women are seen as decorative is ridiculous. The validation of violence as a problem solving tool is unforgivable. The elevation of hype and glamor over substance and style add yet another acre or two to television’s wasteland.

That people view this as entertainment only serves to verify that lowest common denominator programming is still alive and well. To call it a sport demeans all real atheletes and their endeavours. The complete lack of role models or information takes this beyond mindless entertainment and into the realm of the absurd. Pornography has more worthwhile aspects to it than the WWF! The glorification of agression and gratuitous violence is simply unacceptable.

I don’t care what anyone says or how old I get, I still thinks it’s great. I’ve thought so since I was a kid.

I remember someone (maybe Vince McMahon) explaining that wrestling should be viewed as how far our society has evolved. Seriously now.

Remember in Roman times and throughout the ages, people would go to see humans actually kill other humans -all in the name of entertaining the masses. Gladiator battles, ferocious animals setting out on innocent Christians, you know… all that stuff.

Now it seems we like our violence in comic book fashion, with easily identifiable good guys and bad guys and the accepted notion that the whole thing is staged.

You see, we really have come a long way and we owe it all to professional wrestling.

Aren’t women also seen as decorative on game shows (“Strokers” if I remember correctly, in refernce to what they do with the prizes)

Sure its not politically correct, but does it try to kid anyone that it is?

The comparison with pornography’s merits is ridiculous. The WWF appeals to more than teenagers and old men :wink:

My real only problem with professional wrestling is the way it’s marketed to children.

As entertainment goes, I put it in the same catagory as kung fu or Godzilla movies. Sometimes, I like my entertainment cheesy.

And this is a good thing? Do you think this contributed in any way to the fall of Rome? Perhaps this is a sign that civilization as we know it is about to collapse.

I’ve seen Soap Operas with more interesting storylines. And more interesting Characters.

Do you really care what happens to them? No. You know that while they may actually be getting injured, all the “plot” and action has been carefully scripted, rehearsed, and practiced.

Don’t defame real sports by calling the WWF a “Sport”. It isn’t. It’s fake. Theater done by Muscle Bound Guys.

It is specifically for this reason that you would have to tie me to a chair and surgically remove my eyelids before you could ever get me to watch a single episode of “Squeal of Fortune”.

So all you are objecting to is the exploitation of women?
This taking up less than 5 minutes per show, if that.
And the women in question have no objections, or they’d, like, not do the job :rolleyes:

labdude sneaks up behind zenster with a chair. Wack!
Zenster is now out cold! Labdude climbs to the top rope and jumps off landing directly on zensters nads. Now labdude picks up zenster and throws him out of the ring and onto a table. Labdude grabs his decorative hottie and leaves the ring. (/action)

:rolleyes: As unpredictable as a script. A script written for a dull-normal and very easily entertained audience.

It’s not just a soap opera; it’s an abjectly stupid soap opera.

Crashing through a folding table is not proof of the sport’s authenticity.

Some wrassler giving ABC reporter John Stossel real ear damage is not proof that pro wrasslin’ is real.

I resent the “sport” and look down on it because it coopted the name of a very real sport. Pro wrasslin’s a cesspool that scrambles for legitimacy in any way it and its followers can manage. It tries to lend itself legitimacy by signing up former Olympic wrestlers, but far from lending wrasslin’ credibility it merely makes the Olympic wrestler pathetic and tragic, a la “Requiem for a Heavyweight.”

And when we couldn’t imagine Dennis Rodman sinking any lower than he ever did, he joined pro wrasslin’. Truly sad.

Pro wrasslin is to real sport as the Jerry Springer Show is to Sociology and Psychiatry.

Pro wrasslin’s utter lack of essential qualities found in real sport–authenticity and sponteneity–is but one reason it’s so looked down upon. Its sheer stupidity doesn’t help matters, either.

Any questions, you pencil-neck geeks?

None of the big wrestling companies refer to themselves as “a sport”. They call themselves “sports entertainment”.

The endings of matches and the storylines are scripted. The moves are planned. But a lot of what you’re seeing is not fake.

Also, I mentioned this in another thread somewhere else, that if you try to intellectualize pro wrestling, then OF COURSE you can rip it apart. Guess what? You can do that with half of everything else on television today. Guess what else? I don’t feel like being mentally stimulated 24 hours a day. Sometimes when I get home from work I like to crack a beer and veg out and turn on something mindless. I laugh more at the WWF than I do at “Friends” or “Suddenly Susan”, so what is the difference?

For starters, yes. That Vanna White should have ever become so popular is testimony to the vapidness of the American and (and by some extension) world television viewer alike.

Women may feel free to do whatever they like. However, if you seek your fame and fortune by being an airhead “presenter” on a lamewad game show count me out for any adulation.

A lot of this reaches back to more fundamental arguments about unearned wealth and unmerited fame.

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Nice to see stereotyping is ded :rolleyes:

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Nice to see a pro rasslin’ reference sail clean over the head of a pro rasslin’ fan. :stuck_out_tongue: