WWI/WWII graffiti

Came across the following on Quora:

‘I remember a picture from a high school history book showing part of a wall in France where a soldier had scratched his name, rank and date during WWI. Below that was the scratched the same soldiers name, updated rank, and date in WWII, and a sentiment to the effect of “I hope this is the last time I pass through here.”’

In response to someone’s question he adds “It was in a high school or junior high history book I used in the late 70’s or early 80’s and was probably at least 10 years old then.”

Does anyone remember seeing this picture? Does anyone have a copy, or a link to the picture online?

I don’t but I remember reading that same anecdote in the book “Dirty Little Secrets of World War II”

Was his name Kilroy?

I haven’t seen a picture but, like Asuka, I have come across the story in a book of collected anecdotes. I can’t recall if the book cited a photo or even if it had a respectable cite at all for the story.