WWII war heroes in both theaters

Besides generals George Marshall and Jimmy Doolittle, where there any other important military persons or war heroes who made significant contributions to the American effort in both the European and Pacific theaters during WWII?

Depends on how important you are considering. A lot of flight crews flew in both theaters. E.g., Paul Tibbets was a squadron commander in the first Flying Fortress attack over Europe and a lot of other firsts. He also flew the plane that dropped “the bomb, the Hiroshima bomb.” Retired a Brig. Gen. in 1966 with a truckload of citations.

Phil Cochran, the inspiration for the character “Flip Corkin” in Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates, led the “Red Scarf Guerillas” in North Africa and then went on to work with Ord Wingate in Burma. He was instrumental in selling the idea of glider-borne supply of Wingate’s Chindits to Lord Mountbatten.

How about Ernie Pyle? It seems like his contribution to the war effort should be noted. He wasn’t a soldier, but he did report from both theaters, taking only six months off after VE Day.

Hap Arnold comes to mind.

I don’t have any particular cites. but it would seem to me that a number of people serving in the Australian Armed Forces would qualify, as they served in large numbers in North Africa before being brought back to the Pacific to defend their homeland.

Curtis LeMay was supposedly the best command bomber pilot in the ETO before taking over the B-29 strikes flown against Japan.