"www." ".com" keyboard shortcut in Netscape?

I’ve been using Netscape at home exclusively for a couple of weeks now, ever since IE went wacky on me about cookies, and I just got annoyed, cursed Micro$not, and downloaded Netscape.

One of the handiest things in IE was the keyboard shortcut to add “www.” and “.com” to a word. It was CTRL+ENTER. So I could type “goatfelcher” then hit CTRL+ENTER, and I’d have… well you get it.

Is there an equivalent shortcut in Netscape? I’m using version 7.1.

Another Q: it’s opening MPEGs* and the like in a browser window, using QuickTime (which I hate), rather than opening up Windows Media. Is this a QT thing I have to deselect? Or is it in Netscape itself?


  • Yes, porn MPEGs. Porn porn porn.

I don’t know whether there is a hotkey for it (it doesn’t seem to be listed in the help files), but you might want to consider switching to Mozilla instead. It’s a lot like Netscape, but one of the additional options is that will automatically try to add “www” and “.com” to your queries. So if you type in “straightdope”, it’ll automatically try “www.straightdope.com”.

About MPEGs, I THINK it’s a QuickTime/Windows Media Player setting.

If you want a step-by-step: First, go to your system’s Control Panel and open up the QuickTime config thing there. From the drop-down list, choose File Type Associations. Uncheck the box that says “Windows file types” and then close the settings program.

Then, go to WMP. From the Tools menu, go to Options… and then the File Types tab, and check the “Movie file (MPEG)” box. That should do it…

Who needs it?

Netscape is very clever. Just type in as an address:

Guess what happens? Yep, it takes you to www.microsoft.com automatically.

For most sites you don’t need the “www.” with either IE or Netscape. Some sites do need them. Make it easy and leave “www.” off. If you get an error message (rare), add it.

With the current Netscape, you don’t need the “.com”