X-Files Lone Gunmen question

A friend is stumped, so I’m going to let him ask the question in is own words:

…now comes the question. I remember there was a scene, I thought it would have been in E.B.E. , where Mulder meets with the LG [Lone Gunmen] and they mention how they have been following his career and how they recognized an article he had published under another name. But this scene is not there. Do you remember it or am I confusing something else with the X-files? The scene seems like it should be near the beginning of their appearances. I read the synopses of their episodes and nothing is mentioned, but the summations I found are very short.

Anyone remember this scene?

In E.B.E. it’s established that Mulder had already known the Gunmen for some time, so such a scene definitely wouldn’t be in that one. Perhaps it’s in Unusual Suspects, in which the formation of the Gunmen and their first meeting with Mulder is depicted.

I thought I remember this scene with the Lone Gunmen, but it turns out it was with a character called Max Fenig from Season 1.


Here’s the exchange in question from that site:

[Mulder and Scully find Max Fenig trying to climb out the bathroom window. Mulder drags him back into the room to question him]
Max Fenig: “My apologies. Forgive me, please. I’m a curious man. I had to know.”
Mulder: “Know what?”
Max Fenig: “If it was really you.”
Mulder: “But you don’t know me. Last night was the first time we laid eyes on each other.”
Max Fenig: “Not true. We at NICAP have been following your career really closely. Ever since you became involved with the X-Files.”
Mulder: “Following my career? How?”
Max Fenig: “The Freedom of Information Act. Your travel expenses are a matter of public record. So this must be the enigmatic Agent Scully.”
Mulder: “How did you recognise me?”
Max Fenig: “I saw your picture in a trade publication once. And of course I read your article in ‘OMNI’ about the Gulf Breeze sightings.”
Mulder: “I published that under a pseudonym.”
Max Fenig: “MF Luder. I know. MF Luder’s a anagram for F Mulder. You really didn’t think that would fool us, did you?”
Mulder: “I didn’t think anybody was paying attention.”
Max Fenig: “Somebody’s always paying attention, Mr Mulder.”

I think your friend is thinking of Max Fenig, not the Lone Gunmen.


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MF Luder also sounds like a great name for a hardcore druggie.

Omni. :giggle: Of course Mulder would submit a story to Omni, sibling publication to Penthouse.

His entire job involves stories that begin with the phrase, “I never thought this would happen to me …”

My friend agrees with ShadowFacts answer.

Thanks - you guys are great!