X-Files 4/21...what can I say? (spoilers)

Here I’ve been disliking this final season of X-Files and expecting to continue disliking it, and then they go and do this to me. I was one of the few who loved the Lone Gunmen series and was heartbroken when they cancelled it on a cliffhanger, yet overjoyed when Langley showed up with a blue face back on the X-Files. And now my heart breaks again.

This was the best show of the season. It’s so ironic that they called it “Jump the Shark” as this episode did anything but. That they can pull that off without the help of Mulder, Scully, and minimal help from Doggett and Reyes says a lot for the characters they created.

I’m at a loss for what to say, and I feel stupid for getting literally all choked up over tv characters, but…damn.
Rest In Peace, Lone Gunmen. :frowning:

I. Hate. Chris. Carter.

TLG deserved much better. ::sniff::

Gotta say though, I was glad to be mislead by the commercials. They specifically said “for ONE of these people” it all comes to an end. From that alone, I never expected any of TLG to be the one.

I miss the guys already. I got choked up too. They were characters that gave a twist to tv. They were fun and different. They were intricate. I loved their show too. It’s just wrong.

It was extra sad that Mulder wasn’t there. He was their closest friend. Their original supporter.

Chris Carter has a lot of making up to do now.

Atleast they are in Arlington… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: boohoohoo

I still don’t believe it. I fully expect that somehow, somewhere, they’ll show up. Maybe in some future Chris Carter series, or movie.

Because, you know, we never really saw the bodies. We saw coffins, we saw something that would make us assume that they’d died. But you know how it goes in the TV Universe - if you don’t actually see rotting corpses (and even then, sometimes) they ain’t really dead.

Or, maybe they are. But I choose to not believe it. I was too fond of the Lone Gunman. I know my sister is also heartsick. (She thought that all of them were cute as buttons. So did I. There’s something about nerds, you know…)
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: sniff

I get to be the first to say it! I get to be the first to say it!


The death scene was lifted straight from Spock’s sacrifice in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. So were portions of Scully’s speech.

For the death of three nerds, that’s the best they can hope for.:rolleyes:

Yeah, I,too, loved TLG and their spinoof show. It’s sad they’re gone now, but they died heroically and they were buried in Arlington–can’t ask for better than that.

I still want to nail Jimmy Bond.

the writers wanted LGM to do the most heroic thing they could, show these guys were meant to be true heroes before the end of X Files. I think Carter and crew see themselves in the Lone Gunmen. I don’t think the crew saw it’s ending the same way some people do. I think it ended this way because they care about the character, not because they hate them.

And about Mulder not being there…

I bet ANYTHING the Lone Gunmen will be in the finale. Like Return Of the Jedi and like an X-Files made a while ago called The Blessing Way, they will come back as “spirits”, along with others. I’m almost sure they would do something like that.

This episode was great. It had a great idea for a storyline, and it was played out well… although I would try to have the LGM run for the doors that close or have them close faster, and have them cornering the terrorist, so he couldn’t just run (which he was sort of the case, but that part could have a bit more realistic somehow, maybe knock the dude out and hit the fire alarm THEN run for the doors and just miss them). But this show had a better story than most this season. I really think this season has been pretty good though. Better than the last 2 seasons IMHO. However, people don’t like the fact that Mulder isn’t in it. The future (to me) looks bright as well… for this season that is. I’m very excited for a change!! Some people get this feeling for Star Wars, I get it for the finale of the X-Files. Last year I HATED the show.

The Lone Gunmen episode on the X-Files were all GREAT, the series wasn’t. It was too slapstick, and SOMEHOW less believable than many X-Files. NO ONE would have the blind play football like that, NO ONE would get $ to set up a pet shop for roaches after getting out of jail. LGM episodes on The X-Files, including this episode, are good.

TRUST ME, LGM will be back for the finale… I don’t REALLY know for sure, but I bet they will just knowing CC and his “no one really dies” crud.

How many shows are left

Four now, I think.

What makes you think they are dead anyway? The second Carter wants to bring them back, we’ll find out that the virus they were exposed to merely mutated them and gave them special powers or something, and the coffins had medical cadavers in them. Then it was all covered up, and they were hauled off to a military prison, which they broke out of, bought a black Boogey Van, and now they travel the country fighting crime as “The X-Team”.

Hey, that’d STILL be better than “Temptation Island.”


Liked it. During a sad season, it was a breath of fresh air. I will miss the Lone Gunman, though.



Though I want to say they’ll be back in some form or another, it’s also kinda old to resurrect characters. They did that for Deep Throat, Krycek, and Cancer Man. It’d be great for TLG to make one final appearance, but I really don’t think there’s time. The series finale is 2 hours long, which is roughly 90 minutes pure X-Files time. Mulder’s coming back. He’s going to reveal the Truth (the title of the ep, after all) and be reunited with Scully and the baby. Also, TLG didn’t play a major role in his investigations; they only helped periodically. So I see no reason why they’d be brought back.

I think tonight’s episode was their final hurrah, and a goodbye to their fans.

They will be back

I would (have) put money on it.

and I think the Finale is a PERFECT time for dead characters to come back, like The Blessing Way

Langley, Byers, Frohike I will miss you my friends :sniff:

Boy, Mulder is going to be pissed!


Am I the only one who thinks they wouldn’t want to be buried at Arlington?


Note to Chris Carter: Put down crack pipe!!!

Shit, and I did preview. That should say put down the crack pipe.


They are gone. Period.

The show was about how they were- in the end- heroes who were doing the nest they could to make this country a better place. As such Arlington was entirely appropriate.
By the way, this episode was a big F.U. to Fox if you didn’t notice.

The Lone Gunmen series started out WAY WAY too slapstick, but then really hit it’s stride about episode 4-5 area. Of course then the mouthbreathing morons at Fox cancelled it. Idiots. Is it time for Temptation Island 3 yet?


I had every episode taped until this season when I decided I won’t watch it if Mulder is gone. And then I heard Mulder will be back for the 2 hour finale so I decided to watch just that. But now I’m getting curious. The Lone Gunmen died heroically… how exactly did they die?

They shut themselves in with a guy who had a deadly virus in him (basically, a living bioweapon). Had they not done this, he would have escaped and exposed thousands of people to the virus.