The X-Files Season 10 Thread

The X-Files returns!

Six episodes, starting tonight. The second episode airs tomorrow (Monday) night, and the rest on subsequent Monday nights.

I figure one thread for the season should suffice–especially since it’s short.

Open spoilers from all previous X-files TV episodes or movies are fair game. If you have outside knowledge from some other source–especially with regards to events in this season–kindly put in spoiler tags.

Expect open spoilers for each episode this season after it airs.

I’ve avoided news about what kind of stories to expect this season. I’m mostly hoping for a few good stand-alone episodes, but it wouldn’t be the X-Files without some big conspiracy looming over them.

If this season is successful, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Another mini-season? A full season? A third movie?

Can we get this thread marked open spoilers?


By that I mean that Chris Carter has said he’s open to doing another miniseries, another movie, or another full season. Whatever the Powers That Be ask for (and Mulder and Scully agree to), he’s willing to do it.

PSA: The football game looks like it should end on time, but if not it could push back the start of tonight’s episode, so you might want to pad your DVR recording just in case.

Game’s over. Play The X-Files. Nobody cares about the post-game show.

I was gonna watch, but since it requires a prelude of football, I’ll wait for netflix.

Wow, the sound mix in this thing is awful. It has a low resonance that sounds like they are talking into jars.

I’d give that a 5; I’d have rated it higher but it got really stupid in the last 8 minutes.

I hope they build well, tho. It was good enough to warrant tuning in again tomorrow night.

I was bored.

Certain parts seemed very rushed.

I’m going to have to watch it again to fully grasp what the ‘new’ conspiracy is.

I didn’t think it was bad… I wasn’t bored, but I missed as few things. It was kind of all over the place.

Yeah, not great. That was a quick ramp-up in paranoia, even for Mulder. Though, I guess he was right…

I’d heard that most critics that previewed it rated this one very low. However, many of the same critics rate some of the upcoming episodes very highly, so I’m optimistic.

Skinner looks younger than Mulder now.

Geeks unite and demand a replay of the premiere! My TiVo missed half of it because of the stupid fucking football game… :mad:

I have to watch it again. I’m still not sure what happend with the girl in the end, or why the Scully didn’t wait for the retest before she told the girl about the lack of alien DNA. I should put my iPad down when I am watching.

Looks like the whole thing is going to focus on the “all-encompassing conspiracy” stuff. I grew weary of the “alien conspiracy” episodes in the original series and enjoyed the “monster of the week” episodes more.

Sveta was blown up by the alien technology-using ship while trying to get out of her car. Mulder hypothesized that “they got to her” in order to get her to change her story. Her capitulation didn’t stop them from taking her out, though.

I was a bit annoyed by Scully’s choice to claim there was no alien DNA. I had bet my wife that she was either lying about that, or lying by omission - that it was Scully’s DNA that was alien. Turns out she was telling the truth, but was just hasty. Annoying, but also very typical of Scully. I recall her throwing up obstacles for no sensible reason plenty of times during the original run. It’s one thing to be skeptical, or wary of consequences, but the writers often just had her be obstructive to create tension.

I’m thinking that those who are hoping for MOTW episodes are going to be disappointed, seeing as this is just a six-episode mini-series. I suppose they could fit in one or two MOTW episodes as an A or B plot alongside progressing the arc.

I enjoyed the show. I was a huge fan of the original run, and I liked that they used the same open, and I thought they did a pretty good job of bringing us up to speed. Clearly rushed and awkward at times, though, what with doing that and at the same time setting up the current plot and also fitting in some raw coolness here and there.

In particular, the way Mulder responded to the evidence that he had been played all along by the powers that be was really weird and extreme on the face of it. But, given the arc of the original run, that seed of doubt had already been well planted, watered, and at least partially harvested. It was just really weird and awkward how they wrote it in for the new episode.

A revival like this is very ambitious, and I’m willing to forgive a lot for this franchise (despite its flaws, it was always generally more than decent and occasionally beyond brilliant). It’s been fifteen years, but it still felt like X-Files to me. It was nice to come home again.

I loved it. It’s no secret that I’m one of the biggest X-Files fans out there. I did a squeal at the end when I saw CSM, then laughed my ass off at him smoking through his neck.

It’s so cool to see the behind-the-scenes gang back together again. Mark Snow, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, James Wong. Frank Spotnitz. It’s too bad Vince Gilligan is too busy these days to participate.

Episode 3 was written by Darin Morgan, who wrote some of the best original episodes.

I loved seeing the original intro again, with the addition of Walter Skinner.

I stopped watching at the commercial break just after Mulder was about to deliver this response. Two reasons: 1. I’m in a time zone where staying up to watch the rest would have set a bad precedent for the sleep schedule I need the next night in order to arrive at work by 8 a.m. Tuesday morning after trudging through two miles of snow and ice; and 2. The five minutes preceding this commercial break featured some atrocious deus ex machina dialog (zero point energy? element 115?), which I found even more of a stretch than the X-files writers typically allow themselves.

So, thanks for the summary of what happened after I tuned out.

My wife and I watched it. Our reaction was “WTF did we just watch?”.

It started out well, but the “conspiracy of thousands exposed by two plucky heroes” was something I always though stretched it. Hopefully it settles down a bit from manic Mulder.

The middle episodes are stand alones. And almost all reviews have stated that episodes 2 and 3 are vastly better.

Naturally, Chris Carter had to write the premiere episode. He’s not one of the best X-files writers.