X-files Season 11 (open spoilers as airs)

Is there any show you would keep away from its creator more than X-files? Season 10’s Chris Carter episodes were really bad, but the ones written by “the talented people” were a lot of fun.

I know Carter is probably writing tonight’s episode, so it will likely be a mess. Season 10’s finale was so bad, it was almost worse than the original finale to the show. I mean, that’s insane!

I hope the majority of this season’s episodes are fun, though.

Gillian Anderson has announced this is it for her, though. She thought season 10 was all they were doing, but agreed to do one more after it was successful.

Perhaps Scully will die in this year’s finale?

No threadshitting intended, but I’m taking a pass with this one. I’ll follow the thread, just to see, but not watch any episodes. I’m curious to know, are they going to address that half the world’s population died in a realistic manner, or just handwave it away.

The mini season was insultingly bad, and I’m not going to be fooled again. If it turns out to be good, I’ll be glad for the loyal watchers. But I’ll never know.

I’ve got the old episodes to keep me company.

Interesting way of starting out the series.

So the shitty end of the last episode didn’t happen?

Good opening actually.

Ok, so it doesn’t erase the sins of X-File’s past, but at least it felt like The X-Files.

The pacing of the episode was a bit extreme and too rushed.

Why isn’t the dude playing Jeffery Spender not playing CSM as he did in ‘Musings’? I guess so as not to confuse the new audience.

Where are local police during these crazy car chases?

Like… am I crazy or was this episode a step up from last year?

I hate car chases. Is it me? Or does Scully look like a hawk? Altogether too noisy.

The biggest reveal of last season, for me, was how little I now cared at all about The X-Files. And then the finale was so bad; I’m not interested in going back to that well again.

What you saw in the last episode before this, was, I think, all a premonition of what would’ve happened if Mulder found CSM… or Anheuser Bush, or whatever his name is.

So, in a sense, the last episode, (before this one), never happened.

That was so terrible that it was amazing. Totally proves why we have to keep Chris Carter away from the show.

Yeah, so I guess that is one way to get out of writing a terrible episode. Just make it so it didn’t happen.

It must have been a painful script-read for the cast when they flipped through and realized that the entire finale of last year was just hand-waived away.

Wow, I can’t believe it. That’s crappy.

Didn’t see it, and now I don’t think I want to. Did Patrick Duffy step out of the shower in Scully’s apartment in the very first scene?

Here’s our thread from last season: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=782053

“They ‘Duffeyed’ it.” should become a saying.

Ordinarily I’m strongly against “it was all a dream!” twists, but the last episode of last season was such a stupid mess that finding out it never happened was almost a relief.

However, the revelation that the CSM impregnated Scully with science (SCIENCE!) was gross and disturbing, and not in the way I would expect or want The X-Files to be gross and disturbing. I didn’t recognize the old clip from the episode where the CSM apparently drugged Scully and put her to bed (I think I’d quit watching the show by that point), so this was a very unpleasant out-of-left-field surprise for me.

Last night’s episode is getting much better reviews, but I still found it to be only OK. Vastly better than the mess we got the week before, but I found this to be a weak stand-alone(and partly mytharc) episode.

Is there a chance this entire season is in their head?

After the opening fight, I said to my wife, “This isn’t real. They are trapped in a simulation or something.” That did not happen, but it still felt like it to me.

And…last week wiped out Season 10 finale so neatly, it also makes me wonder if this is all a dream.

X-files wouldn’t do “it’s a dream” for an entire season now, would they?

I’m not the only one who think so, apparently.

I watched last week’s and didn’t think much of it one way or the other. I went to watch this week’s and fox was not playing nice with chrome. I watched the first episode AGAIN and didn’t even realize I had seen it already until the end when the guy tries to smother Scully. A whole hour of my life I won’t be getting back. Twice!

I did get last night’s Langley one to work. I did enjoy it a lot more. I, like most people who have watched from the beginning, liked the mythology episodes at first. Even the first movie. But I grew weary of it and now I’m over it. I like monsters of the week and weird stuff that needs investigating. I’m even ok with the new mini mulder and mini scully taking over. I just can’t spend much more of my time on earth trying to parse what the CSM is saying. Is it true? Is it a distraction? Is it really him or an alien in disguise? etc etc. I’ve been doing this longer than some people on this board have been alive.

Please, stop.

The first ep wasn’t quite as horrible as the last season, but god damn Chris Carter is fucking incoherent. This is the same guy who wrote The Post-Modern Prometheus, one of the finest hours of television ever. What happened?

I don’t like it, but I watch it. New X-Files is something I thought we’d never get.

Me too.

Last season did have 2 or 3 good episodes. “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is one of the best in all 200+ episodes.

The first two this year have not been great(the second one was classic 90’s X-files, though).

If 2 out of 10 episodes this year are great, it’d be worth it.

Yeah, the Were-Man episode was excellent. Not surprising that it was written by Darin Morgan, who was responsible for many of the best episodes of the series.