X-files Season 11 (open spoilers as airs)

Well, it was a stand-alone episodes of X-files. That alone makes it the best episode of the new season so far. Having said that, it was a Chris Carter episode and it was super lame in many ways.

I didn’t like it. I can see where it was going but I zoned out.

Maybe the new ones aren’t for me, even though I liked last season well enough. If I’ve only liked 1/3 so far, maybe that’s not enough to keep on with this show. Is it a full season or just half a dozen? Maybe I’ll tough it out if it’s six and hope it goes away again gracefully.

I kept hoping it would turn out to be Scully’s doppleganger who wanted Mulder to reassure her that she was still attractive and that he wasn’t going to leave her for a younger, more fertile woman.

I’m still kind of hoping that I missed something and it was the doppleganger, but I don’t think it was. Ugh.

No question. I loved the Were-Man

In some ways it was the most reminiscent of the original series - just not some of the best of the original series (it resembled Syzygy for example).

I think I’ll imagine that this is the case.

Saw this thread yesterday, and that was the first clue I’ve had that there was a new season. So I watched it.

I almost gave up halfway through One. I’m glad I didn’t because Two and Three were pretty darn good. Almost original series good.

I’ll stick with it, for now at least. But I swear that if I see one more foot stomping on an accelerator, I’m out. That whole sequence was painful to watch.

It worked well in an episode of the Rockford Files. The bad guys were taking Rockford off to kill him. He stomped on the driver’s foot, crashed the car into a swimming pool, (lots of them in Southern California) managed to get out of the car first with someone’s gun, sat on the diving board and said, “Okay, everybody out of the pool.”

I knew we could count on Darin Morgan to deliver a fun, great episode.

I hope we can have one more episode that is even close to this good.

Loved it.

Those statues were creepy. I almost thought they were a digital effect and the whole thing was green-screen.

Nope, it exists. And is in Canada, where they are filming X-files.

Pure gold. From the “Twilight Zone” send-up at the beginning to “Where are they taking Reggie?” at the end.

Curious though, I was discussing the “Mandela Effect” with my wife at breakfast this morning after seeing a man on the soundless restaurant TV who, for a brief moment, I thought was the late Tim Russert as he might look today. I called this a “Reverse Mandela Effect” , thinking someone alive who was actually dead.

A quote to consider: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. But the problem is a real one, not a mere intellectual game. Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups–and the electronic hardware exists to deliver these pseudo-worlds right into the head of the reader, the viewer, the listener.”-Phillip K. Dick, Introduction to the short-story collection: “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” -1985

And just who was Dr. They anyhow?

Dr. Wuzzle (or whatever) is, I assume, a reference to the Berenstein Bears, a famous rift in the fabric of spacetime.

I loved everything about this episode. Darin Morgan should hook up with Dr. They and erase the memories of Chris Carter’s abominations from the world.

That’s how I took the Wuzzle/Wussle reference.

Some nice meta-casting by the way - the guy who played Reggie was a regular on “The Onion News” videos (which play with reality in a way much like this episode) and “Dr. They” was Stuart Margolin, who is best-known as Rockford’s fantastically-untruthful friend “Angel Martin.”

These new eps are piling up on my DVR. Worth watching, or should I skip 'em?

Skip the first one for sure.

I’d watch episode 4 100%

Episode 2 and 3? Up to you. They had some OK things, but were not great. Very much like old X-files stuff.

I turned to my wife earl in the episode and said, “Please let Fox reference my ‘Big alternate ending’ thread in this episode! Please let me be in an episode!”

Nope. Oh, well.

What the hell are you talking about? That’s how the episode ended!


Four was great. Not Jose Chung great, but still pretty great. It’s in my dirty dozen of best episodes of the entire series.

I really liked how they brought in Mahaloth and his wife, Earl.

I looked at the list of episodes that Morgan wrote, and it’s darn impressive

  • The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
  • Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster
  • Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’
  • War of the Coprophages
  • Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
  • Humbug (1995)
  • Blood (1994)

Blood is the only one I needed to look up - it’s the one with people getting messages to kill from LCD displays (Monster of the Week - Season 2, Episode 3: Firewalker)

It might have been worth sitting through those other uneven episodes just for Forehead. It delivered!

I was skeptical when I read someone hinting there were ways to bring back The Lone Gunmen this season, that it would be just too off, but so far it’s worked both times.