X-Files: Worst Series Finale EVER. Spoilers.

I simply do not have the words to communicate how amazingly bad that was.

At least the Smoking Man is finally dead, for the third time.

That did not make any sense–just more rehashed UFO mythology. Ugh. Glad it’s over, which is too bad because for the first four seasons I worshipped this show.


I never saw much of the first few seasons, but I was looking forward to this. What a load of BS! They could have trimmed that down to half an hour, and it would have been the same. Moulder’s trial was pointless, and all we found out was when the aliens were coming. The details of the conspiracy arestill as muddy and confused as ever. Just think I was counting on something cool actually happening.

Yeah, and we didn’t even get to see Scully naked.

I actually liked it. Much better than many other finales. I think people expect too much from finales… it isn’t easy to finish everything off in a nice bundle.

I enjoyed it very much :D.

Isn’t that the point?

All they did was rehash the entire series in two hours. And now we have a date. Wow, big whoop. I give it two thumbs down.

They have to leave room for the movie. :rolleyes:

“X-Files: Worst Series Finale EVER. Spoilers.
I simply do not have the words to communicate how amazingly bad that was.”

Would ‘lame’ be a good start?

Lame, sucky, crappy, barrel full of goat semen, take your pick, I got more.

I got disgusted with X-Files when they did that abysmal First Person Shooter episode. How anyone could continue being a fan after that is beyond me.

The black helicopters were a nice touch though. And that event mentioned in the above spoiler was kinda cool-looking.

From what I’ve heard, the second movie is SUPPOSED to be a stand-alone event.

I want an 8x10 glossy of the closing scene to put on my wall. <sigh>

First person shooter? What was that?

First person shooter? What was that?

I believe that was the second episode written by William Gibson, in which Mulder and Scully treck into a virtual reality game to kill a computer generated character turned murderer.

I really loved this show for four seasons (2-5), but then it jumped shark and I haven’t watched it since.

It pains me to know that even as it heaved its final agonizing breaths, the show still sucked.

Sorry to all you diehard X-Files fans. They had such killer episodes way back when, and it’s sad to see such an amazing show become so abysmal.

All I wanted was Fox and Dana to be together in the end. I didn’t care what happened, as long as they were together in the end.
In that respect, I’m satisifed.

Can someone fill in the details of what exactly the ending was? I’ve been very out of the X-files loop for the past few seasons, in large part because I think the show sucks anymore. That said, I did wonder what happened.

Did they cop out and just leave everything unexplained? It seemed like even if they WANTED to, there would have been noway to wrap up all the loose ends.

What happened to Mulder after his abduction?

What’s the deal with Scully being pregnant?

I read that the Lone Gunmen got killed off. What was the deal with that?

Any serious repercussions for other important figures? Skinner, Doggett, etc.?

Yeah, that’s the one. It was an ok premise, but they did a total hack job on it. Isn’t Gibson supposed to be a good writer?

Rather than a true finale, the last episode of the series turns out to be a setup for the inevitible movies. Unforgivable, especially since you know that any movies will have to be conspiracy-related
and won’t really resolve any of the big conflicts.

Am I the only one who watched the show primarily for the non-conspiracy episodes? I’ve always thought the show would have been better as a straight episodic series about investigators of paranormal activities, and quickly became bored with the conspiracy episodes when I realized that nothing was ever going to be resolved in them.

Roswell had a real final episode. By the way, I was flipping back and forth between this and Survivor. What is the date of the invasion?

I rather enjoyed the series finale, myself. True, it was basically a rehash of the entire alien conspiracy plot line (mostly for viewers who don’t watch the show religiously, as I understand it), but the episode contained a fairly good sense of closure, IMO. Nothing to elicit a "wow!” nothing flashy or amazing, just something “nice.”