X Files 5/5


How many episodes left to squeeze in some form of resolution? Not enough.

Oh, wait… they still have to lob a movie in, too.

So very, very disappointed. :frowning:

And the worst part was…


(Ok, so the agent could talk to dead people…but this really seemed like such a MINOR point in the show.)

What are you guys talking about!! This was an awsome episode… they’re trying to tie together all storylines before the end of the series…and Dogget’s son’s murder was one of em’ and I’m glad they did this episode…it was a great one. Finnaly Dogget can let go now and maybe just maybe get with Reyes… :smiley:

I guess if you’ve been watching as long as I have, you’ll apreciate how they’re trying to put an end to all the mysteries…I’d rather see something like this than a episode that doesn’t have to do with mulder and the ‘conspiracy’…hey at least next week’s episode is a guarentee x-files…haha…brady bunch…looking forward to that…TWO MORE TO GO!! HOW SAD!!!


I am a late comer/early leaver for this show. I didn’t start watching until the 4th season, and quit after two years. I haven’t seen an episode in quite a while, but I did go see the movie.

I’m hoping somebody would be kind enough to give me the current state of the mythology of the show. Some specific questions: Is Reyes the brunette woman? Doggett, I assume, is T2 guy. Did Scully have a baby, and what happened to it? Are aliens still coming to attack? What has Mulder been up to?

I know I’m asking alot, and a ton of spoilers, so please let the other Dopers know if you are giving out spoilers. Thanks in advance.

Reoch, my wife and I have been watching the show since it premiered. We even, for the past 3 years, have co-moderated a monthly X-Files discussion group at our local Borders. So, I’ve gotta ask: what the hell are you talking about? What mysteries? What’s being resolved?


Anyway, I gotta go to work. I’ll get back on this later this evening…

Was it just me or did the cadet look an awful lot like the alien bounty hunter? Maybe it was just the way he kept pursing his lips and looking through his eyebrows at the camera, but … I just kept expecting to see him morph.

Let me echo Hamlet’s request: I too was a late comer/early leaver, and I gave up during the last season. Has anything been resolved, or are Chris Carter & co. still pulling stuff out of their butt like they have been for the past 2 years?

And, uh… what happened to A.D. Skinner? Wheretheheck did Cary Elwes come from?

Skinner is still around. Folmer is Kresh’s flunky buttmonkey. IICR he hired him when Doggett was investigating him (Kresh) at the beginning of the season.

He is one of the “stars” of my version of the X-files finale. I think my resolution of his character is at least funnier, if less just.
http://forums.prospero.com/foxxfiles/messages?msg=84154.1]The End is Near…and Purple

Reyes - Yup, brunette who’s in love with Doggett
Doggett - T 1000…:smiley:
Scully had a baby…long story short, people were after the baby blah blah blah…eventually she gave it up for adoption…er…maybe foster care if that’s what you call it.
Aliens - you’ll never know :stuck_out_tongue:
Mulder - Running away from ‘them’

Didn’t want to go into details cause’ I don’t feel like being flamed by dopers again…:wally
BTW…by mysteries, I meant like…uhhh…they’re trying to tie together all the storylines…or put a end to it (like in the case of Luke)…


I can imagine the ad they placed:

“WANTED: Actor. Ability to purse lips for long periods of time ESSENTIAL. Tendency to glare while holding head forward at 20-degree angle also important.”

Maybe they posted that back in '93 and just held on to all the headshots that came in. :smiley:

She gave up the baby?? (I have only been watching sporadically this season)

Yep, last Sunday IIRC, actually. Not a particularly great episode, either, though it made my mom cry. She cries at anything, though.

The baby just kept being in danger so Scully dumped it to keep it safe from… well, some conspiracy or another.

No, nothing has been resolved and nothing is going to be. Oh, Mulder’s supposed to come back in the final episode and deliver a rant in front of a military tribunal (I think), which supposedly explains all, but experienced X-philes know that whatever he says is going to have continuity errors beyond belief.

The show jumped the shark after the movie, when they didn’t pick up on the events of the film and run with it. They dropped and mangled so many plot lines in season 6 that it is impossible for them to even begin to hope to untie their Gordian knot. Here are but a few:

  1. Alien Bounty Hunter
  2. “Black Oil” stuff that turned your eyes black
  3. Smallpox vaccinations and wtf do honeybees have to do with it?
  4. Alien Invasion? Anyone? Remember that?
  5. Cigarette Smoking Man. And Krychek. And Marita. None of them are dead. Where did they go?
  6. William, the love child that apparantly wasn’t loved enough by his mother, who couldn’t be bothered to sit facing her sons room, letting some madman inject the kid with stuff, who can’t be bothered to keep the kid that she is obviously not too capable of taking care of. Ugh. Scully’s failure as a mother has pissed me off more than anything this show could’ve done. :mad:
  7. William - alien? Super Soldier? Mulder’s kid? What about Scully’s infertility?
  8. Aliens having the Bible and Koran printed on their spaceship hulls.
  9. Scully’s chip, cancer, and the big gov’t conspiracy that is out to do whatever it is big gov’t conspiracies do to chip implant victims.
  10. Where was Mulder the last year? What is going to happen to the characters post X-Files? (maybe they won’t even address that, just end the show like it’s the middle of the season and you have 12 left to go.)

2 episodes left and the next one is going to suck big dog dicks. “A Very Brady X-Files?” WTF is that all about?!? 2 episodes left, the above 10 things needing explaining (and a whole lot more), and their wasting their second-to-last episode on a freakin’ comedy. My God, it is enough to make me wanna puke. : pukingsmilie :

Yeah, yeah, spoilers. Uh, if I recall, Krycek killed the smoking man. And Krycek was blown away by Skinner- ON CAMERA, mind you- in what was probably the only good episode (not that I bothered most weeks, but I’m guessing) of the last three or four years. God, if they’re going to kill characters, they should waste that useless hippie Reyes, not the characters that made the show cool. Whenever I’m bored enough to watch the X-Files these days I’m always sorry, though I guess I’ll waste some time with the finale.

John (yes, this is Imran from Poly… you lured me ;))… I think this episode was the break down the barrier between Dogget and Reyes. IE, setting up them getting together in the end. In that aspect it succeeded.

I’m with JohnT, these guys have 9 years of consipracies built up in this show, and they spent the last 3 episodes “resolving” the Lone Gunmen, Scully’s baby, Spender, and Doggett’s kid. WTF??? They haven’t gotten a shred closer to explaining anything, or wrapping any of the consipiracy up.

Honestly, I don’t have anything against Doggett as a character, but when was I really supposed to care about his kid’s murder?

I think I’m gonna come back and reread this thread everytime I start getting itchy to go buy The X-Files on DVD. :slight_smile:

Another question: whatever happened to the kid (forget his name) who was a chess genius and who was being chased by everyone in the FBI? Last I remember of him he was in a nuke plant watching one of the alien creatures (that burst from a human parasite) turn into a traditional “Roswell gray” alien while boiling in the nuclear coolant. That’s something else never resolved, unless I missed it.

I think Chris Carter is just bitter because all of his other attempts at TV series have been ass. (Besides a couple of choice episodes of Millennium. To punish the X-Files fans who didn’t flock to his other shows, he will shame us with an extra-lousy end to a lousy couple of seasons.