Please explain tonight's X Files to me

I missed it last week, if that matters… but I’ve just watched tonight’s episode and I’m a little lost. I was playing Everquest while watching so I missed a little… anyway please, someone splain!

If you can’t be bothered to watch, then I can’t be bothered to explain. :wink:

But that Doggett character adds something to the show, IMHO. Mulder was getting REAL annoying and Doggett adds Scully’s open-minded skepticism back in now that she has been conspiricized.

I was mostly paying attention tonight… I’m just confused about parts of it… was some of it flashbacks? Right? But then she said she wasn’t pregnant… anyway I’m just confused. I try to watch every week but real life sometimes intrudes. Last Sunday was my birthday and watching TV wasn’t at the top of my list.

Sigh…why am I doing this…

OK. First. You could have missed the whole season practically, and it would have made no difference. This episode was badly disconnected to the rest of the season, and about 25% of it was flashbacks. So FOX could say “David Duchovny returns”…yeah, right.

Next…well, Scully found out she was pregnant at the end of the very last show last season. When she was told previously that there was no how, no way, she could ever be. But, Muldur discovered one episode, when he was out running around with the Lone Gunmen, that Scully’s ovum(s) (what a band name) were all neatly extracted and stored away, and he took them to be analyzed. Just…like that. But somehow forgot to tell her that :rolleyes: (as we saw tonight).

So…what the Hell was this whole episode about? Basically, a culmination of Scully’s fears and a realization by her, a connecting of all the puzzle pieces if you will, that someone took her ovum, merged it with alien DNA, and implanted it back into her body during one of her many abductions by the minions of Cancer man, the Aliens, or whoever. So she’s going to give birth to a salamander.

Did it make sense to me, the “Ms. X-Files addict”? Well…not terribly much. IMO it was a filler episode that seemed terribly similar to several others in the past. I gave it a 4/10 for tonight. Not worth seeing again.

BTW, the “Why am I doing this” refers only to the fact I should be working, not webbing and chatting about a very poor X-Files episode in general.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m constantly surprised there isn’t a new thread with this title every week.

They were flashbacks. Scully is pregnant, just not by Mulder via artificial insemination of the ova he found in some filing cabinet (the flashbacks). She thinks it’s an alien baby.

Which character did Megan Follows play? Jeeze, I step out of the room for a minute (laundry, not some silly GAME) and I miss her. Not that I’d necessarily recognize her without her Anne of Green Gables fright wig. She could have played an alien baby, for all I’d know.

Don’t trust Adam Baldwin in future episodes. He’s turning into the new Krycek, with the Alien Assassin’s lantern jaw.

To be honest, they have always alternated between “purposely indecipherible” and “just not worth the trouble.” This one mostly served to remind us that Scully is pregnant and to give an idea of how little time has transpired in the X-Files universe since the sweeps last May (less than thirteen weeks).
AND “So FOX could say ‘David Duchovny returns’” during the February sweeps, as Una said. During the promos for tonight’s news they were talking about his newest post-X-Files project, a comedy about aliens. <Sigh> He’s turning EVEN MORE into a parody of himself!

Okay, I missed last week’s episode myself, so if there was anything relevent in it, feel free to jump in and tell me. That said…


I'll try to explain things as simply as I can, so I'm not corresponding to the show's order, as it jumped around in time a bit.

 As you probably recall, Scully was abducted by aliens who extracted all her ova, rendering her barren. Mulder retrieved the ova while investigating Scully's cancer (also from the aliens). Scully, grasping at her last chance for motherhood, tried to impregnate herself with 'em using Mulder as the father. Apparently, it didn't work, but we can't be sure, as the doctor in charge is in on the conspiracy (question: who's running the conspiracy now? The syndicate's dead and the CSM is *apparently* dead), so her pregnancy's still filed under mysterious/miraculous.

 A guy came to Scully saying he wanted to avenge his wife's death at the hands on the conspiracy after she gave birth to an alien. He wasn't who he said he was, as Dagget found out after he looked into it. Scully stumbled onto a place where the alien babies were birthed, autopsied and preserved (aside: you notice the X-Files have become a lot less subtle?). Eventually, she hooked up with another pregnant woman and ran off to a hospital with her, where she could safetly give birth. Or so she thought.

 Dagget figured that Scully and himself had been set up, and sent a connection he had, yet another shady government guy, in to save her and the mother. Scully was bolting herself, as she had seen evidence that the tests indicating her baby was normal were faked (they showed her a video of an old sonogram), and ran off with them with a strange lack of her usual paranoia/scepticism. Before they got far, the other woman delivered, and Scully was sedated just as she caught a glimpse of a strange looking baby. She woke up in a hospital, and was told that she and her baby were fine, and the other baby was delivered and normal (switched?). Also, there was much gnashing of teeth regarding Scully's distrust of Dagget.

SUMMARY: Nothing was what it seems (is it ever?). Dagget has shady friends in the government (doesn’t everyone?). Mulder may be the father of Scully’s child (although the didn’t have sex). Dagget now knows Scully is preggers.


Wait wait wait. NO ONE is allowed to be the new Krycek. I wanna see the OLD Krycek for a few eps, dammit!!!


  • An annoyed Ratchick.

The only X-Files stories worth watching anymore are the mutants and monsters episodes. The alien nonsense has been beat to death over and over again and yet the prostrate corpse of this dead story line is picked up once more time, nailed to the barn door and flogged some more.

That damned music and vocals they played last night, like the earlier ep when Mulder had just disappeared and Scully was searching, well, THAT has to go!

Menocchio, were those really all alien babies Scully was looking at, or “just” tragically deformed babies? I tried to look closely because I expected alien eyes & head shapes, but was distracted by the two-headed, dual-faced, extra-limbed specimens.

I kind of liked last night’s episode because, even though the “Duchovny returns” stuff was based on flashbacks, it played up the partner bond between Scully and Mulder, which a lot of fans enjoyed tracking. On the other hand I agree with dropzone– I think the show has improved since they introduced Doggett. For me, it’s their return to single episode stories that’s made it fun again. I like the fact that they have a background mythology, but the Mulder conspiracy stuff was just going on for too long. Supposedly they’re going to wrap it up next week, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I don’t think Menocchio has a correct understanding of this episode. If I might humbly proffer my own interpretation:

First, every scene involving Mulder was a flashback, while every other scene was set in the “present” (meaning 13-14 weeks after Scully discovered she was pregnant, and roughly the same amount of time after Mulder disappeared). But most of these scenes had not previously been seen by the audience, so they were “new” Mulder material.

Scully’s ova had been stolen, rendering her barren. Mulder retrieved the ova soon after Scully returned from her last abduction experience, but didn’t tell her, reasoning that she’d suffered enough trauma and bad news to hold her for a while. He had the ova tested for viability, and the results were negative. This was stated in the episode: Scully’s extracted ova were nonviable.

Scully wanted to become pregnant (we’re still in the flashback scenes here), so she asked Mulder to donate sperm for artificial insemination.

Now, the following was not stated in the episode, but is my interpretation: Scully found a donor egg which she wanted to be fertilized with Mulder’s sperm and implanted in her womb. Since it wouldn’t (and as far as she knew, couldn’t) be her own egg, she asked Mulder to be the donor so she’d still have some connection with the child through someone she loved (and of course she loves Mulder, even if she’s not in love with him).

It didn’t work. This was stated in the episode. But to her great shock, Scully got pregnant anyway. Through artificial insemination of an alien fetus? Not necessarily. Sunday’s episode didn’t present any conclusive evidence of this; yes, the sonogram video was a tape of another woman’s fetus, but we don’t know what we would have seen if we had been shown Scully’s. We never learned the results of the amnio, and presumably neither did Scully. Maybe the conspiracy fellas tried to knock her up with an alien baby, but maybe they didn’t succeed. I’m betting they didn’t; IMHO it just wouldn’t “fit” the show or the characters as established over the past 8 years, for Scully to carry and give birth to an alien baby.

Now, there was an episode late last season where Scully and Mulder spent a night together in a hotel bed (sorry, don’t remember which ep). As presented in the episode they were just both really tired and there was nothing romantic going on, but Chris Carter has hinted in interviews that maybe something happened.

So here’s my supposition: Mulder and Scully slept together that night, and Scully got pregnant the old-fashioned way (she had some ova left after all). I know, it’s been repeatedly said that Mulder and Scully will never get together romantically, but this season has established reasons for both of them to have been vulnerable that night: Mulder believed he was dying, and Scully had just lost her “last chance” to have a baby. They were emotional train wrecks, and it’s surpassingly logical for them to have reached out to each other that night.

Y’all read it here first.

On another note, I liked this episode’s return to the maddening, if fascinating vagueness that marked the early seasons. So many of the plot points can be read one way or another:

Is Scully carrying an alien baby? Maybe, maybe not (see above).

Can Doggett’s friend be trusted? Probably not, but maybe; we didn’t see conclusive evidence he’s in on the conspiracy; he could be just another dupe.

Can Scully and Skinner trust Doggett? Yes. But do they realize that yet? Skinner’s coming around, but Scully may not be there yet.

Did Ms. Hendershot give birth to a normal baby or an alien? We may never know.

I break ranks with the rest of you: I thought this was a great episode.

Without Mulder, XFiles just seems gross and bizzare. He loved the show and made it interesting. Everyone else is just going thru the motions.

I thought Fox signed for another contract. Why isn’t he in this season’s episodes (except flashback’s)?

Cheer up george:smile. Duchovny is supposedly in half of this season’s episodes. There HAS to be some non-flash back

Yes, but she got a second opinion. Although the doctor may have been on of “them”, he said that the ova were viable, and it was worth a shot. It apparently didn’t work, but Scully’s still pregnant. I too hesitate to jump to the conclusion that it’s an alien. Remember how we all thought Samatha Mulder was abducted by aliens? Nope. Fairies. That episode sucked.

But I digress.


Well, you’re right. It was ambiguous enough to preserve some hint of plausible deniability for the clinic. I didn’t spot and definite aliens myself, such as he one born at the negininng.