Tonight's X-Files


Did anyone understand tonight’s episode? I think I got it, but I’m not sure. AFAIK, Mulder is still missing. So the stuff with Mulder was a flashback, right? We know Scully is impregnated with a (whatever it is) because of the doctors conspiring and showing her the wrong sonogram. So…The insimination that “didn’t take” in fact did (per last season’s finale, but we didn’t know it had anything to do with Mulder then) but was then swapped with the Evil Conspiracy Baby after the car chase?

I think I’m more confused now. Help!

Yeah, all the Mulder stuff was flashback. We learn that Scully asked him to artifically father her baby, and it failed. Therefore, the origin of the pregnancy is still a mystery, though a more complex one than before.

What I can’t figure out is, how far along is she? She found out she was pregnant at the same time Mulder disappeared, which was last May. I know that tv time doesn’t always match to real-life time, but in an earlier ep., someone mentioned that Mulder has been missing since May! But, last night’s ep. mentioned she was about 14 weeks, which is in back in November. So Scully’s pregnancy doesn’t even match to the show’s own internal timeline.

RonA: The premiere was November 4, and took place a few days after the season finale, so discount the whole summer. She may very well be 14 weeks along.

Gee, this saved me from having to start a new thread. My husband took me out to dinner for our anniversary Sunday night and while we were gone my kids screwed up the VCR so X-Files didn’t tape.

So… judging from what’s been said above: It turns out that before Mulder disappeared, Scully asked him to donate sperm so that she could be artificially inseminated. He agreed to do so, but the procedure didn’t take. Then, Scully was nabbed and implanted with an alien-hyrid fetus?

A few more questions: Do we know who did the fetus switch? I assume the flashback was kicked off by a sonogram that revealed that Scully’s baby is an alien-hybrid. Was the baby’s alien-ness revealed to Scully or just to the audience? Did I miss anything else important? Finally, will there be another new episode next week, or a rerun?

Some person already started a thread a couple days ago about this, named ironically Please explain tonight’s X Files to me.

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