How'd Scully get preggers?

Yes, I know about sex and all that, despite my Catholicism.

But I didn’t watch but maybe half the episodes of The X-Files last season, didn’t watch at all for probably the last six weeks of the season. Too many mid-season reruns, coupled with the fact that most of the new episodes weren’t that great. Needless to say, I did not watch the season cliffhanger.

I seem to recall that a few seasons back, Scully had all her ova stolen by the aliens, or a bunch of government guys posing as aliens.

Now, she’s pregnant. I want to know how this happened, being as how she didn’t have the biological equipment necessary for conception. And who’s the father? Scully’s love life seems to be as nonexistant as Mulder’s. More so. Mulder has been known to view the occasional, um, adult video and call 1-900 numbers. Scully has no such predelictions that I know of. As far as I know, the last time she got laid was about three seasons ago. Sperm just don’t hang out in the female body that long. I think about ten days is the max.

Anybody out there care to bring me up to speed, so that this season will make something resembling sense?

We don’t know any more than you do. It was sprung on all of us in the final episode. I think the most fun thing to think is that Mulder is somehow the father, and from what I have read, Chris Carter isn’t exactly saying “no” to that possibility.

In the final episode of the last season she was caught in some sort of alien force field. She was raised up and 4ft in the air and twitched very very fast. When she was found she was unconsious. In the hospital she was told she was pregnant.

If memory serves me right, didn’t Scully spend the night in Mulder’s hotel room in the final episode? My BF & I have a theory that perhaps the alien forcefield changed something in Scully, and well, if they did do the wild thing in that episode, it just may as well be Mulder’s child.

The thing we noticed about Scully, and why we think she & Mulder had something going on is how she was acting in his apartment during the season premiere. IIRC, she was smelling a shirt of his, and fell asleep in his bed–just like she misses him very deeply.

In the episode that Gillian Anderson wrote(or directed, I can’t remember which), wasn’t there a scene where Mulder and Scully woke up together? She at least hinted at it.

IIRC, Scully went to Mulder’s motel room because she was feeling sick. I thought she was feeling sick because she was pregnant. And IIRC, she went to bed under the covers, while he was on top of the covers. And Snoo…opy’s right, we don’t know anything other than the fact that she’s preg. The how, when, why, who and everything else are just other questions to be (hopefully) answered this season. And I think that M & S are realizing how deeply they care for each other.

But what I want to know is, is Doggett (sp?) on the level? Or is he hiding something? Is there more to him than we know at this point? I’m sure the Deputy Director is hiding something. But what exactly is he up to? We have the DD, and Skinner’s the AD, but who is the Director? Do we know anything about him? Why has he never been mentioned? And I’ve always felt that we don’t know the whole story on Skinner, that there’s more to him than we’ve been told. I dunno, maybe I’m over-analyzing.

There’s also a theory that the father is Cancer Man. That’s the one I’m leaning towards.

The lowdown:

  • In “All Things”, episode opens with a shirtless Mulder in bed, Scully getting dressed in the bathroom.

  • In “En Ami”, CSM takes Scully for a drive, she falls asleep, wakes up in a cabin, wearing pajamas. Philes believe this is when he “gave” her back her fertility.


  • It was Mulder. They/she thought she was barren and didn’t use protection. They have been hooking up offscreen all last season (their interplay has gotten closer and less “professional” seeming).

  • It was CSM. When he gave her back her fertility, he also had ample oppurtunity to artificially inseminate her. He is dying and could be yearning for an heir.

I’m leaning towards Mulder. Easily.

It’s a virgin birth/second coming.
The series is already strongly leaning towards the aliens being God (The spaceship in the islands with Genesis written on its sides). Or should I say God being aliens?

In the last episode, there was the scene right before the commercial break where Scully is in the desert, and there’s a light in the sky (that turns out to be a helicopter after the commercial break). This image was very reminicent of the star of Bethlehem. Foreshadowing?

Glad I’m not the only one who thought so! I think it’s CSM’s clone, although the alien-virgin birth thing is interesting too. I don’t want to believe that it’s Mulder’s kid. That would be too sappy.

I’m hoping Scully will forget all about Mulder this season, and finally take up with Skinner. :smiley:

Frohike is the father! (No I don’t have anything to back it up, but do they ever have a reason for half the stuff they do, Samantha’s dead, Samantha’s alive, Samantha’s dead…for christ sake is she dead or alive) I’m going with the fact that it’s CSM’s baby…just because if Mulder is the father that would be one screwed up kid (sorry all you Mulder fanatics but the man is seriously wacked) not that CSM is any better, but at least he’s dead (or is he?) or maybe it’s Krycheck…Oh hell I don’t have the slightest clue. Not like they will ever give a straight answer and stick with it anyway. (and yes I do like the X-files there is just certain things about it I hate)

Think outside the box (rimshot!).

As a very infrequent watcher I’ve opted for the possibilites implied in the “Mad Magazine” cartoon of the Star Bar. Talk about creative plumbing and artistic license!


Sorry, okay!, cut it out!


First, let’s get one thing straight. Special Agent Dana Scully does not “get laid”. She makes love. ARE WE CLEAR? :slight_smile:

RonA asked,

Actually, I think over-analyzing is just a loyal fan’s way of showing appreciation for the show.

I think Doggett is on the level. I see him as the typical FBI agent - starchy, by-the-book, moralistic but not preachy, frustratingly rational. The opposite of Mulder in just about every way.

I like to think that the DD (Kirsh, IIRC) isn’t really super-illuminated like the cancer man or any of that, just that he knows there’s a lot of stuff he could never explain to the public, and he wants to keep his job. Basically, he considers the X-Files just an annoyance, since the cases are never solved and always contain outrageous assertions. That’s been my theory, but I might be wrong since I too have missed a ton of episodes.

I think we never see the Director because he’s just too high up. I mean, he’s right below the Attorney General (or at least the Associate AG - my mental org chart is getting fuzzy), and is appointed personally by the President. I believe we’ve seen portraits of Janet Reno before (on TV? or during Fight the Future?), so the question would be, how far down do you go before the positions start getting fictitious? I suppose DD would be a better choice for “highest fictitious position” since the Director is actually a national figure (which gives me no excuse to not know his name).

Actually, for me, the thing that’s cool about the X-Files is that, for all of the twists and turns they throw at you, when they announce that they ARE going to give us some straight answers, they give them and don’t back out. Sure, the Samantha stuff went back and forth and back and forth, but once they revealed the stuff involving the walk-ins, that was it. The alien conspiracy went through lots of alternate theories, but once “Final Disclosure” was broadcast, that was it. Of course, now they’ve got new mysteries to mess with our heads.

I made a bet with a customer in my store over this. I say the baby is Mulder’s due to off-screen nookie. She says it’s gonna be a non-nookie pregancy. If I win I get an apple pie. (seriously.)

Here’s my theory: since the beginning of last season, we know that Mulder is carrying some form of alien DNA. I say that his superalien seed did it. No, stop laughing. That way the first true alien/human hybrid will be Mulder and Scully’s baby. What a perfect way to end the series, non? I’m also willing to buy the force-field re-ovaing theory. But there has to be nookie. If not, I have to make this chick, who may or may not have a crush on me, a meal. I think I have the most at stake here.

Come on, Chris! Nookie! Nookie!