X-Men: Are Cyclops' Eye-Beams "Cyttorak" Force?

This is a notion I came up with on my own, and have never seen…but it’s so close to obvious, it must have been around for decades.

Scott Summers’ eye-beams are ruby red, can be controlled by red-ruby lenses, and are made of pure kinetic energy.

Cytorrak is an entity that displays ruby-red force emanations (the Crimson Bands,) and who has a magical ruby, such that when Cain Marko touched it, he became imbued with unstoppable force (“Juggernaut.”) Kinetic energy, kinda?

Has Marvel ever hinted that Summers might have the mutant power to tap into the Cyttorak dimension and siphon off k.e. from there? Am I the first to fancy that this might be how his power works?

(The prevailing canon is that he – and his brother – absorb ambient cosmic energy to power their zaps.)

P.S. Just wait till I tell you my explanation for who Kekko Kamen really is!

It either comes from the sun or his eyes are portals to another dimension made of lasers.

Your second suggestion is pretty much what the OP was asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

'Zactly! And it is established canon that they aren’t lasers, but are pure kinetic energy.

Which is cool to have without matter to carry it! It’s like the force of a cannonball without the cannonball, just the force! In real physics, that’s not possible. So is it “mutant physics” or just maybe magic?

Well, there have been mutants who can tap into magical energy. Interesting theory. You’d think Dr. Strange or someone would have noticed.

I doubt there’s a connection, as Havok is immune to Cyclops’s blasts (and vice versa) and I don’t see why Cyttorak would give a shit about such a thing.

Well, their bodies have to be able to contain the force in order to direct it…

Anyway, it’s an interesting theory. Might give some faint lampshading to why Cyclops can direct “kinetic energy” without being propelled in the other direction.

For that matter, was there ever an instance when he, say while standing on a skating rink or while floating in zero-gee, was able to accelerate in one direction by zapping in the other?

He can do that as the plot demands.

I can’t recall ever seeing that effect demonstrated in the stories.

I do remember the classic where he braked Wolverine’s fall by zapping him several times with weak blasts from directly below. Sort of like falling through a bunch of tree branches: each hit slowed him just a little.

I’m sure Cyke enjoyed doing it… :smiley:

That would only explain why Cyclops is immune to his own blasts, not why his brother is immune to Cyclops’s blasts. There’d be no reason for Cyttorak to spare Havok.

Wherever it’s meant to come from, canonically, Cyclops and Havok both channel the same type of energy.

Exactly; Havok’s energy appears to be different, so we can say it comes from some other extra-cosmic dimension, but the two brothers’ genetics are so similar, their bodies process the energy the same way.

Maybe when they fight, a whole bunch of Cyttorak energy bleeds into Havok’s Dimension H, and vice versa. Maybe the two godlike figures – Cyttorak and Mr. H. – are really peeved by this…

(The best thing we could do is get them both here in our world and run some experiments. Preferably way the hell out in space.)

Also Vulcan, if I’m remembering right? There’s a vastly extended and partially hypothetical Summers clan out there, but by and large most of them seem to get the psychic bit from Jean rather than the energy bit from Scott.

If Cyclops and Cyttorak were related, I think we’d have found out by now. Cyclops’ powers are wrapped up with his brothers and Mr. Sinister; meanwhile Cyttorak has been involved with Cain Marko and Colossus (and currently, The Living Monolith).