X-Post: For charity, but I'm sure cheap: *every* Wodehouse novel/story+Wodehousiana

This is a X-Post to one in SD Marketplace But with a change: I magnanimously said there that this was an SD exclusive posting, but since then I have changed my mind and alerted some Wodehouse groups and Craigslist.

Nothing personal. Just business.

[Mods: if I have violated SD rules I apologize and will understand if this post gets disappeared.]

Some first and England early editions. A bunch of American first editions.

Close friend died, I inherited the collection. I snarfed a few, but the hed here is accurate. Even the old time school/cricket stories, which are lousy. Even, I think, all his scripts and lyrics for his musicals. An offspring of a commencement address he gave. A book by someone detailing each private club in London to which he wrote the intro…

Hate to break it up. Decided with widow to donate to a nearby charity, where I hope someone scoops it up to give the greatest gift ever, or just put in a bathtub and roll around on it.

It will go to a nearby charity–Housing Works, I think–THIS SATURDAY IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN.

PM me and we’ll meet up.
ETA: First time in my history on the net I’ve used all caps, even in jest. Yay!