X-Rated Photos

I’m going to be taking some nude, x-rated photos of my partner in several extreme “on-the-edge” poses, if you get what I mean. I’ve got a traditional 35mm SLR camera (don’t like the quality of Polaroid or digital).

My problem is getting the film developed. There will be nothing illegal, non-consensual or involving children. But I’m still wondering about getting into any trouble by taking the film to my friendly neighborhood drug store. I’ve heard of people getting into trouble over this sort of thing, but not sure if that would apply to something that is not specifically illegal.

Anyone work in a film shop and has actual experience with this?

Search the net or the back of photo magazines, they have labs that can process & print your film. I wouldn’t use the corner drugstore because, although they would process it, but not print it, they are known to hav clerks that may print them on the side & keep for who know what reason.


Hope it helps.

It’s 4:45am, and I get to go to bed with X-rated pictures on my mind… :smiley:

In More Joy of Sex (I think–it was one of the JoS’s, anyway, they recommend using a Polaroid to avoid this issue.

Nowadays, there’s the digital camera. What a boon to mankind.

As Cecil makes note of in the article that AudreyK linked, any city will have many independent photo labs that will process and print just about anything. A friend of mine operated one for manny years in Austin, Texas and they had quite a, hmmm…, well, as Cecil puts it, “family album.” Their only sanction was kiddie porn, which, fortunately, they never had to enforce (assuming all UT frosh were 18+).

You also stand a chance of someone sending them out over the internet.

Speaking of getting them posted on the net; is it legal for anyone to do that, without putting up some kind of “watchguard” or something where you have to verify your age and all that…? What if you don’t care if anyone pays you, you just have some great pics you want to post?

Den you got some splainin’ to do to your host.
The free sites have rules. The pay sites will want to see a separate “I’m of age” check box on a main page.

Look around, and you’ll see that nothing elaborate is required, unless you want to charge money.

panache, about a week ago, “my friend” dropped off some long neglected rolls of film at Target to be developed. One of the rolls had some fully-nude pictures he had taken of his now ex-girlfirend over a year ago. He chose the Kodak processing over the Target processing because he assumes that the Kodak processing is of higher quality. “My friend” picked up the pictures last night, and found that the more risque pictures were indeed included and undisturbed. The whole experience was no different than dropping off a regular G-rated roll of film. I would recommend avoiding the photo shops that have the window display of pictures being developed, though.


For what its worth, a friend of mine worked in a mall photo developing place years ago. They would give you your photos, but they always kept a copy for themselves. I would bring them to a friend who develops film, lest your woman end up on the cover of Easy Rider or some such.



YIKES!! Uh, oh well, “my friend’s” ex-girlfriend will never know he got that film developed. And “my friend” will burn the photo lab down himself if he ever sees those pictures turning up on the Internet or any magazines (not that he’d be looking for that sort of thing, but still).

The last time I had a roll of film developed at a “one-hour” service desk, it took them a little over an hour. So I stood and watched at the “technician” got my film ready. After she got the negs developed, she put them in the feeder slot in one side, then requested double prints.

I saw all my prints pop out the top of the machine, then be gently pushed and stacked on the side. When my roll was done, she picked up the stack, put them in an envelope, and handed them to me. I could’ve had the most vile pornography in those pictures, but she wouldn’t’ve know.

AWB–you probably had a shitty tech. From what I’ve seen (used to take pictures of tourists before they boarded a cruise ship, then have them an hour later when they return for them to buy at a ridiculous price…those owners had a great scam going) after the tech loads the negatives to be printed, they should inspect each photo and make any corrections in over/under exposures. Then the prints are made.

I dropped of a roll of film at a 1 hr place full of Dead and rotting bodies. (for school, forensic anthropology.)
while I did get the pictures back, you should have seen the stares I recieved!


But what were the pictures of? And did the zombies do a good job of developing?


Long before every mall had a one-hour developer, I used to work in a camera store. We used to send out our film to a bulk processor, who would pick up and deliver daily. When it got slow in the store, sometimes the employees would open envelopes of pictures at random and look at 'em. Every now and then, we’d find some racier ones mixed in, and one guy there used to pilfer 'em. He figured the customer wouldn’t dare ask what happened to the picture of his GF in her birthday suit, and his ready-made answer, just in case, was, “Oh, it’s against our developer’s policy to print those photos.”

Go to one of those one-hour places, and stand there and watch 'em as they develop and print. The staff wouldn’t dare make an extra copy for themselves if you’re watching, and they’re far less likely to go through them looking for action shots, too.

“‘My friend’ picked up the pictures last night, and found that the more risque pictures were indeed included and undisturbed.”

The only thing that guarantees is that they didn’t take the clumsy and stupid route of stealing pictures. It doesn’t answer whether they made additional copies for their own, umm, personal use. :slight_smile:

Would I have any leagle recourse if I found out someone was taking my pics? I mean they ARE mine. What happens if I find my pics on the internet, can I sue the store that I developed them at for alowing people to take them? I had a couple of my wife on a roll that was old that I took in, hope no one swiped them.

Our son has a weird problem with the healing of his circumcision, and our doctor wanted to take a photo of it. He remarked “I talk to other doctors about this topic, and it helps to have slides.” Then he snapped away on the cmaera he keeps in his office, presumably filled with pictures of similar things.

My thought: How DO you get a roll of pictures of baby penises developed?!?!

I’m not a lawyer, but as a photographer I know that to use photographs of people for commercial purposes, you generally need to have a model release or you could get your ass sued. Whether it’s feasible for you to sue an X-rated Internet site is another matter. But, as far as I know, they have no right to use your pictures in any such way.

That said, I will confirm that with the several friends I have that work in different photoshops, they all keep a compilation of their favorite/sexiest/wackiest/weirdest photos to come under their noses. In most of the decent shops (like Wolf Camera) they normally go through every photo and adjust Cyan/Magenta/Yellow balance, darkness, etc, so at least one operator will see every one of your photographs. If this disturbs you, either get shitty prints at K-Mart or learn C-41 developing and printing.

From what my friends tell me, it’s rather common for them to have pornographic photos developed at their shops, so, don’t worry, nobody’ll be shocked. I mean, really, what’s the big deal?