X2 List o' Mutants from DVD review: Help me fill in my knowledge gaps?

Well, an online review of the X2 DVD (and I have no reason right now to doubt it) did what most fans have wanted to do for a long time: freeze-frame General Stryker’s computer screen and read all the names. Here’s the full list, according to the reviewer. Can anyone help me fill in the names I don’t know?

1st column: John Allerdyce (Pyro, natch), Ruth Bat-Seraph, Cecilia Reyes (I believe she’s a local dance teacher who had Shadowcat as a student - is she really a mutant in the comics, or perhaps listed here as a known mutant sympathizer?), Everett Thomas, Victor Creed (Sabretooth, of course), Nichole St. Croix

2nd column: Claudette St. Croix, Kurt Wagner (Duh), Raven Darkholme (Double duh - but note their being listed together), Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man, who had a role in the novelization), Lila Cheney, Vanessa Carlysle, Wade Wilson, Scott Summers (Triple duh), Doug Ramsey (Cypher, later of New Mutants), Alison Blaire (Dazzler, misspelled), Maria Callasantos, Andrea von Strucker

3rd column: Andreas von Strucker, Remy LeBeau (the ever fan-demanded Gambit), Bobby Drake (Quadruple… oh, skip it), Paige Guthrie (Husk, sister of Cannonball), Yukio Oyama (misspelled Lady Deathstrike, mutant only in the movie), Tom Cassidy (Black Tom, brother of Banshee), Artie Maddicks (kid w/tongue whom we met in film, communicates with mental images), Erik M. Lensherr (you should know), David North, Tabitha Smith, Calvin Rankin (Mimic), Dr. Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister, whom I don’t know much about - mutant?)

4th column: Garrison Kane (This name sounds familiar, but I can’t place it), Mortimer Toynbee (Toad), Illyana Rasputin (Magik, Colossus’ sister), Theresa Rourke (Siren, whom you heard from in the movie), Sally Blevins, Angelo Espionosa, Shiro Yoshida, Guido Carosella, Ororo Munroe (Storm), Keniuchio Harada (Silver Samurai), Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat), Dr. Karl Lykos (Sauron)

5th column: Omega Red (Russian villain, but I thought he was more of an enhanced human?), Xavier’s School, Blackbird (these need no explanation), Massachusetts Academy (which? Can’t be Xavier’s; it’s in NY), Trask (as in Bolivar, creator of the Sentinels), Graymalkin (street where Xavier’s is), Zero Tolerance, Project Wide Awake (one of these is the Sentinel project; I think it’s the latter - is the former just mutant-hating?), Beta Flight (second-string Canadian superhero team), Jamie Braddock (is this Captain Britain?), Dr. Henry McCoy (Ah, Beast)

6th column: Danger Room (need no explanation), Forge (mutant mech genius), Dept. H, Brotherhood, Weapon X (last two need no explanation), Gamma Flight (see Beta Flight), Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane)

7th column: Cerebro (plot device), Legacy (wow, if they already had the Legacy Virus here, no wonder Magneto’s steamed), Salem Center (Xavier’s location, again), Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four son, incredibly powerful), Alpha Flight (top seed Canadian heroes), Muir Island (where Xavier’s ex-wife works), Morlocks (underground mutants, mostly those with physical deformities), Kevin McTaggart (Proteus - Xavier’s son and major bad news)


Help, here? Some of these names seem common enough (or misspelled) that I’m not sure I can trust a web search. Danke!

Ruth Bat-Seraph - Israeli heroine Sabra
Singer, no alias, mutant teleporter and girlfriend of Cannonball of New Mutants.
Andrea von Strucker, Andreas von Strucker - twins collectively known as Fenris
Tabitha Smith - Boom-Boom?
Massachusetts Academy - the White Queen’s prep school, where she had a team of Hellfire Club trainees called the Hellions
Dept. H - Canadian government bureau that’s in charge of Alpha Flight

Lila Cheney - was merely Lila Cheney. I forget what she did other being an intergalactic popstar.

Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker were twins, they both wore white and their powers worked only when they were holding hands. They called themselves Fenris.

Tabitha Smith - Boomer, from X Force

David North - Maverick

Maria Callasantos - Feral from X-Force

Cecilia Reyes is newer and has no codename.

I believe Nichole and Claudette St. Croix are the parents of M, Monet St. Croix from Generation X

Everett Thomas - Synch from Gen. X

A site tells me Ruth Bat-Seraph is Sabra, but I have no clue who that is.

Vanessa Carlysle is Copycat from X Force

Sally Blevins is Skids, remember the name not the character…

Shiro yoshida is Sunfire of the second generation of x-men

The Massachusetts Academy is where the Generation X kids were taught.

Mickey Tork is Bloke from X-force past the point i’ve read just as Sidney Jones is Changeling

Gardner Munroe is FLASHBACK from alpha flight or something canadian

Leyu Yoshida is Sunpyre, apparently Sunfire’s brother

Russell Collins is Rusty

Garrison Kane was merely named Kane. He had metal arms and made appearances in X-Force and Deadpool

Angelo Espionosa - Skin, from Generation X

Guido Carosella - strong guy, from X factor

Jamie Braddock IS captain britain

I believe Clarice Ferguson is Blink, from Generation X before Generation X existed.

Check out http://marvelbook.topcities.com/.


  • Cecilia Reyes is a doctor who was briefly alfiliated with the X-Men during Operation :Zero Tolerence.

  • A Bit fuzzy on the details, but Op: Zeor Tol. was a goverment go-ahead for the use of nanotech sleeper agents that could become (the ump-teenth generation of) Sentinels when activated.

  • Omega Red is a mutant with powerful pheremones. The tenticles and armour was retrofitted onto him by the Soviets.

  • Wade Wilson is Deadpool. A merc with a GE form of Wolverine’s healing power.

  • Yeap, Jamie Braddock is Captian Britian and sister to Betsy Braddock (Psylocke).

Cecilia Reyes was a doctor who reluctantly joined the X-Men for a brief time in the late 90s. She despised her mutant powers (force-field generation) and preferred to live like a “normal” human. (Kitty’s dance instructor was named Stevie Hunter.)

Nicole St. Croix was the Generation X mutant “M.” She was super-strong, invulnerable, could fly, and had a major stick up her ass. She was also prone to catatonic lapses.

Lilah Cheney was a rock star who fell in love with Sam "Cannonball’ Guthrie, and could teleport over interstellar distances - most often to her own private dyson sphere (basically, an enclosed solar system.)

Andrea & Andreas Strucker were the twin mutants known jointly as “Fenris.” They were the children of Von Strucker (founder of Hydra and first victim of Magneto’s war on humanity). When they clasped hands, they could emit a pulse of pure energy.

The Massachussetts Academy was the mutant training facility run by the Hellfire Club’s White Queen. It’s students, known as the Hellions, were enemies of the New Mutants. When the White Queen switched sides and joined the X-Men, the Mass. Academy became the home base of Generation X.

Those are the ones I know about, or can remember, that you didn’t already have.

I’ll just hit a couple, off the top of my head. First, I think you’ve got Ceilia Reyes wrong. The dance teacher was Stevie something.

The Von Strukker twins were known collectively as Fenris.

The Massachusetts Academy was run by Emma Frost, White Queen of the Hellfire Club, and was the base of operations for her Hellions.

Shiro Yoshida is the Japanese mutant hero known as Sunfire.

Lila Cheney was important in the New Mutants (Cannonball dated her at one point). She was a rock star mutant (I think her and Dazzler performed together) without a hero name that I’m aware of. That’s because her power, while extremely powerful, was of limited use. She could teleport herself and anyone she wanted to bring along, but it only worked over interstellar distances (she could take you to the Shi’ar throneworld, but not to the corner store).

Dept. H was the branch of the Canadian government that put together Alpha , Beta and Gamma Flights. They also considered Wolverine an asset owned by Canada. They were, at times, thought to be responsible for the runt’s adamantium enhancements, but I guess they just found him after that happened.

That’ll do for now. I expect the rest of it’ll be picked over before I can post again.

See, I knew I wasn’t typing fast enough.

Oh and thanks for this it was kind of neat to figure out.

At the bottom of this it lists names on drawers in the morgue. I don’t know at which point of the movie it’s shown.

Jamie Braddock is Captain Britain’s brother.
Captain Britain is BRIAN Braddock.

Jamie has reality warping voodoo-type powers, and is completely insane. He featured for a while in the wonderful Alan Davis EXCALIBUR, but was never totally realised.

and yes, he’s the older brother to Brian, and then Bettsy.

Damn it, should have picked up the Jamie/Brian mistake.

More Info on Jamie

Claudette (and Nicole) St. Croix are Monet’s twin sisters. Their power is to merge together and become one being; they took Monet’s place for a while, and were also Penance from the Generation X comic.

I think everything else has been covered.


I don’t know these, duh. Who are they?:confused: I’m not as mutant-savvy as others but it would be nice to know.

Don’t know who Raven Drakholme is, but Erik Lensherr is Magneto.

Raven Darkholme is Mystique.

He’s not exactly a mutant; Apocalypse took him froma brilliant, if erratic scientist and made him into a mutant-supervillain, since Essex understood the beginnings of genetic theory and so forth. Apocalypse didn’t understand that Essex didn’t like Apoc’s goals. In a twisted way, he wants to make the world a better place, without the horrors Apocalypse would unleash.

He has the powers of shapeshifting, some regeneration and super strength, and super-intelligence. And he knows everything about genetics you could imagine.

Its the alias under which she married that Euo-trash dude and had Nightcrawler.

Nah; if they’d had that, it wouldhave been released for sure, and they’;d have mentiend it for sure.

“Raven Darkholme” has been Mystique’s secret identity since she was introduced in the 70’s and her friend (probably lover) Destiny used to call her by that name, but it probably isn’t her birth name. Indeed, in Mystique #7, which came out last week, Mystique mentions in passing that she doesn’t really remember her childhood.


When did they change Magneto’s real name name from Magnus to Erik Lensherr? I haven’t read the comics since the 80s.

Just confirming that Moo is correct, Clarice Ferguson is Blink of pre-Gen X, AoA Generation Next, and The Exiles.

And Suzene has the rigth explaination of the St. Croix family.

Also, was it confirmed that the kid with the tongue was supposed to be Artie? He wasn’t pink and freakish looking.

And I believe it’s Siryn, not Siren.

If I recall correctly, Lensherr is Magneto’s birth name, and the name he went into Aushwitz bearing. After WWII, he adopted a new name, Magnus. Not sure what last name he used with it, but it was the name he married Magda under and under which he had his children (the twins, Wanda and Pietro aka the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver). Their last name was Maximoff, but that may have come from a foster or adopted family. Anyone else remember these details?

It’s been a long time since I read an X-book, but weren’t Xavier and Moria MacTaggert lovers, not husband-and-wife?