Xash Please Read

I made an honest mistake when I copied and pasted from another website. I understand the rule now. But my problem is I did this to answer several questions in past posts. I will definately stop but need you to overlook a few others please.
Sincerely sorry and I will follow the rules from now on.

Thank You

Hi Brad Amundsen, Thank you for your understanding.

Please do not copy/paste entire pages. I appreciate that you want to answer questions, and request you to post links to the websites that offer relevant information, instead of copy/pasting them.

Thank you and hope to see positive contributions from you in the future.

General Questions Moderator

p.s. There is no General Question here. I’m moving this to About This Message Board.

For your reference:

From the FAQ - guidelines for posting at the SDMB

A. If you are going to quote something from an article, quote less than 5% of the source. Include a link to the article if the article is available online.

B. Only quote directly in very rare circumstances. Instead of repeating a source word-for-word, read the article, attempt to understand it, and rephrase what it says in your own words. Again, include a link to the source if the source is available online. Otherwise indicate a reference to the source (e.g. Science News, issue x, pages yy-zz).

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Just to be perfectly clear: the Chicago READER, who sponsors this website, is very touchy about copyright issues. They’re very protective of Cecil’s columns in terms of copyright. And therefore we don’t want any abuse of copyright appearing on our boards: the standard is the standard.