XBOX 360: E74 Error. And I'm out of warranty.

I was in the middle of Dead Space 2 when my screen went all pretty and colorful. I turned off the XBox and then turned it back on again and got the error message and the one red ring. I waited a day and tried it again and it worked for about 45 minutes before getting the error again.

So, doing a perfunctory google search for this problem, there are a ton of solutions and people making money off of selling these solutions. Is there a solution besides just buying a new 360 (as the cost to send it to Microsoft to get fixed would be the same)?

Some people are saying that it’s worth a call to Microsoft anyway - they might just fix it for free even if it’s no longer under warranty. I ended up just buying a used 360 for $120 at Gamestop.

How long ago did you buy it? They extended the e74 warranty to three years at one point, much like the RROD length.

I’d at least try to get MS to do it, but if they’re going to make you pay $100 or something, forget it, better off to look for a low end new one with a sale or on special or something.

I don’t know that I’d risk buying a used 360. Other systems maybe (my used Wii is fine) but with all the problems 360 has, it would have to be significantly cheaper than $120 for me to consider.

Unfortunately, I opened up the Xbox so the warranty wouldn’t be covered. I found a local repair place that’s going to do it.