Xbox Achievement Points

How do I love thee achievement points? Oh, the simple genius of these things. I’m hooked.

For those not acquainted with them, you have an account with Xbox live and something called a Gamerscore that’s tied to your account. Points get added to this score whenever you perform various feats within games.

At the end of the day they don’t mean diddly squat but I love the whole concept. It’s a carrot that actually makes me want to go back and play the game more after I’ve completed the story. Achievements will be a major factor when I have to decide between platforms on future games.

I have to wonder why Sony and Nintendo haven’t come up with their own versions of this yet.

You know, when I first got my 360 and Live account, I scoffed at my achievement whore friends. “It sucks the fun out of the game”, I said. “I’m just here for friendly competition and to have a good time”, I said.

Oh my, how that has changed. I am now the Paris Hilton of achievement whores.

Whores! I think I have 2000 points. I know a lot of people that have hundreds of thousands of them.

Just over 7k here.

They’re great - there’s nothing better than getting that little Achievement box pop-up on screen.