Xbox Live Arcade - Misc. Questions

I recently got an Xbox 360, less than a month ago. I have a couple questions for the Xbox Live Arcade:

  1. Do all Arcade games have Achievements ?

  2. How do you obtain 1 Vs. 100 ? I would really like to play it, and I loved the game show when it was on, and I could catch it. [Does it come on any more?].

  3. There is a recently new NBA game on XBLA that so wants to call it self NBA JAM, Even looking like, and using words like Old School Arcade feel. [NBA Unrivaled, IIRC] Has anyone played this yet? Does it compare to Jam? or JAM TE ?

Yes, though not as many as mainstream releases. I forget what the exact requirement is but MS made developers sign a contract requiring all publishers include achievements in their games. I don’t think this includes indie games though.

“1 vs. 100” is ran like a seasonal game show and season 2 is scheduled to start on the 19th.

I haven’t looked at this yet so I can’t comment specifically. I did play a lot of JAM back in the day though and LIVE games generally are of a pretty decent quality so if you enjoy that style of play it may be worth downloading the demo and checking it out.

All Arcade games include 12 Achievements worth 200 total points.

Download the demo and try it for yourself. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing myself. But the reviews have not been kind…

Yeah, So, do we just turn on the system, and if we have Gold, we get it ? I recall something about it last season, just picking up on the edges, as I didn’t have a system then. Sounds like a GREAT sleeper hit / killer app for the 360.

Okay, I haven’t actually played 1 vs. 100 so I’m only going on things I’ve read. My understanding is that gold subscribers can log on to the game on the nights its scheduled, (there’s probably a link to logon on LIVE’s main page on the nights it’s scheduled), and participants are chosen at random. 1 person is chosen as the “one” with another 100 chosen as “the mob”. If you’re not chosen I assume you can still watch the proceedings in real time if you so choose.

If I’m wrong I’m sure someone else can correct me.

You have the download the game for 1 vs 100 (if you have Gold) I would assume sometime this week the download will be available. The download is free.

In the weekly live games, 1 person is chosen as the 1, 100 people chosen as the Mob those people can potentially win XBox live points for playing. Everyone else can participatejust as the audience but do not earn XBL points.

However playing as the audience or in the non-live games that occur all week improve your chances of being picked for the Mob and the 1. The more often you play the more “entries” into the drawing you get when you are in on the live game.