Xbox banned commercial

The banned Xbox commercial is great! Its a bit morbid, and I can see how it was banned (why was it made in the first place?!), but it is still freaking hilarious! Imagine being caught in the middle of that…

Here is a link. The picture quality isn’t great, but it was the best I could find.

Link is SFW, btw.

No, it isn’t.

Since I’m at work and I just saw that it’s apparently not SFW, I can’t check, but if it’s the ad I’m thinking of, it wasn’t actually banned. It was just delayed precisely for this purpose of viral advertising. I believe it’ll actually be aired later on.

It isnt? Oops :smack: Sorry about that!

What about it is unsafe for work? It’s just a bunch of people running around pretending to shoot each other with their fingers, yelling “bang!”. There’s no blood, sex, or cursing. It’s no worse than 10 years olds in a playground.

Am I missing something?

I think Eth meant that it isn’t banned, not that it isn’t SFW.

Hmmm, I wonder if Tamryne works in MS marketing. :smiley:

I think it’s pretty cute. The guy in the taxi at the end is priceless. It’s precisely this that anti-gamers don’t get. All this violence is MOCK violence: it’s meant to be goofy, and everyone knows it’s not real but all in play. It’s no different than lion cubs tussling and pretending to bite each other’s necks.

I like it. I’ll admit that it’s pretty edgy, but it’s not ban-worthy.

The video is completely safe for work, by the way. You can also see it with Google Video here.

So, am I the only one who thought it was just silly/stupid? Guess I play too many video games.

Well, it’s a little different. Although I think that’d be a great idea for the next commercial…


I really like the tense point, before the shooting starts. And when everyone pulls out their “gun”.

It would make my life complete to see that happen in reality.

It’s the blonde with the “grenade” that I love! That, and the two guys behind the sign.

Hahaha, I wish. They would probably pay better than the job I have now!

That’s really entertaining. I should see if we can host it…

If it weren’t for the music I’d swear Tarentino made that commercial.

Well, even if it wasn’t banned, I’m glad you thought it was, or I’m not sure I would’ve ever seen it. You just made my day (which is great, because it’s currently 1am, and it’s always nice to start hte day on a good note :D)

No, people sitting behind WebSense servers are missing something:

"Access to this web page is restricted at this time.

Reason: The Websense category “Adult Content” is filtered."

Yea, but would you really want to live on Evil Island? Remember how disappointing it turned out to be for Homer Simpson. :smiley:

Having seen that commercial, the water balloon version makes a lot more sense now.