Xbox - Best football/basketball game

I’m going to be buying an Xbox a few days after Christmas, and I’m attempting to figure out which basketball and football games to buy.

So far, Madden 2003 and NBA2k look the best.

I’d go with NFL 2k3, especially if you plan on getting X-Box Live.

I like the feel of Madden (PS2) better, but NFL 2k3 received more critical acclaim. Have you played either of them before? If you’re familiar with the interface and mechanics of one of the series, you’ll probably like its latest installment better than the competition.

And I second Holden’s comment, if you want to play online you have to get Sega’s version.

I’m not a big fan of console basketball games, but if you like sports in general check out NHL 2003 and FIFA 2003. Both are a blast, especially 4-player.

Looks like I’m be getting NFL and NBA 2k3’s