xbox mini-gripe

Could you please invest 5-manhours to make your web store at least mediocre instead of atrocious?

-your “new releases” category has games that are 3-5 years old in it
-your “see all games” is not even alphabetized
-you can’t filter by categories (shooter, adventure, rpg) or if you can’t I haven’t found the feature yet
-your drill down into individual games doesn’t bring up similar games or other games by the developer
-everything has a 3-6 second load time which is completely unnecessary
-only being able to see 6 games or so at a time with the netflix-like banner setup is just painful when you have about 50 times the screen space as my phone and my phone apps show at least 10 apps at a time
I swear, it’s like you don’t even care about making money (I won’t even bother asking about caring about the customer).