Xbox One won't install 360 Game

So, I’m trying to install a 360 copy of Call of Duty 2. After a few tries, I finally got a screen that told me that I had to install from the Microsoft Store, but they want to charge me again for a game I own! What the hell?

  1. The console is up to date (verified).
  2. I have plenty of space on both the internal and external drives.
  3. It is reading the disc because when I do go to the Microsoft Store, it searches and finds CoD2 automatically.


I do not own an XBox One so just speculating here:

XBox One is not backwards compatible with older XBox games. The only way to play older XBox games is via the online thing.

Apparently there is no mechanism to verify you are already an owner of the older game and beside they would probably try to tell you the effort to make the older game compatible with the newer system deserves another charge (maybe true…maybe not…hard to say).

Shitty? Yup…fer sure.

If it makes you feel better I am pretty sure PlayStation does something similar.

Consider PC gaming (although it happens there too…just not as much/often).

Microsoft has a list of 360 games that are backward compatible with XBox One. That means you can just pop in your disc, wait for the modifications to download and you’re good to go. Call of Duty 2 is on that list, so it’s supposed to work.

Are you an Xbox Gold member? Do you need to be? I am, and have never had an issue with the few 360 games I’ve tried on the Xbox one.

The folks in the Game Room probably know more about this. Moved.

(also, I fixed the typo in the thread title)

Thanks, Chronos!

Okay, so the damn thing is finally installed. Here was the sequence of steps (as near as I can remember, things got crazy for a minute):

  1. Go offline.
  2. Restart the box.
  3. Insert the disc.
    a. Error: You must be logged in.
  4. Go online.
  5. Login - with the disc still inserted.
  6. Now, instead of showing the little game icon that led to the “you have to buy this from the store”, I have a red box that says “Play disc”.
  7. Click that.
    a. “Oh you need an update to play this, do you want to download it?”
    b. Said “oh hells yeah, I want to download it.”
  8. Downloaded the update.
  9. High five ZacSon and leave him to play the game.


Thanks for the suggestions, but looking at the googles, this “go offline, try, then go online and try again” seems to be a suggested fix for a lot of Xbox One issues.