Xbox & PC multi-player gaming almost was

Neh? I play Street Fighter 4 on my PC. I use an arcade-style stick that was originally made for the Super Nintendo system that I’ve hooked up to my PC through a parallel port thanks to some basic soldering and $2 in parts from Radio Shack, run by free drivers coded up by some enthusiast in 2002. I have an actual SNES gamepad hooked up with it, if you’re the type that prefers d-pad over stick (freak!).

Most fighting game enthusiasts prefer a stick, and so regardless of platform, third-party hardware is going to be involved, of which the PC has a vastly more broad selection. Was there supposed to be some weakness for the PC in this area?

As for cross-platform gaming between xbox and PC, I’d be quite content if it never happens. In fact, I’d be perfectly happy if no game developer ever uses Games For Windows Live ever again. It’s one of the more revolting pieces of crap I’ve ever seen passing itself off as big name software.

Yes. The thread is about gamepads versus keyboard+mouse, or more generally control schemes. It’s just generalized to consoles versus PCs because the primary difference between a console and a PC for gaming these days is the control scheme. (Well, that and copy protection, but that’s not important right now.)

Fighting games are a pain in the ass on keyboards. Playable, but difficult. Since you state yourself you’re using a console gamepad instead of the keyboard, you’re supporting Airk’s claim.

Same here, but on the other side of the fence.
I need someone to call me a gayass fagtard as much as I need a hole in the foot, but if they’re going to at least I can find consolation in the fact they opted to be defenceless and immobile for the five seconds it’ll take them to type it, rather than just scream it in my ear the whole time. Boom headshot, bitch ;).

But speaking of cross-platform gaming, wasn’t Champions Online supposed to be the first cross platform MMO ? I’m sure I remember some hype along those lines back when I was translating the beta (and the control scheme sure was heavily gamepad friendly), whatever happened to that ?

Scrapped, like all innovative overly-ambitious goals.

I say this a lot, but you don’t have to play with randoms.

Same here, but on the other side of the fence.
I need someone to call me a gayass fagtard as much as I need a hole in the foot, but if they’re going to at least I can find consolation in the fact they opted to be defenceless and immobile for the five seconds it’ll take them to type it, rather than just scream it in my ear the whole time. Boom headshot, bitch ;).[/quote]

The PC gaming community is far from immune from this sort of nonsense, and my experience playing SSF4 via XBL has produced a huge swath of very polite people. So… YMMV. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I know - in fact, I just said so. They’re called “free frags”.
It’s just that on a PC, written communication (for lack of a better term) is still the main form of chatter, while voice com is reserved for friends, guild members, etc… and is organized outside the game for the most part. Stupid text is easy to ignore and filter out.

No such luck on the Xbox - you either deal with the screamo/abusive/ranting/chatterbox/mentally unstable folks, or you don’t communicate at all. I assume a cross-platform game would rely solely on voice chat, hence my hang-up.

This might be just me being my usual antisocial self, though :).

I don’t understand how a 3D platform game can handle keyboard input. Talk about losing precision.

I can’t even play 2D platformers with a keyboard, as they aren’t designed for multiple keys being pressed at the same time


None of the above makes sense to me.

I assume he’s being irritated with how poorly keyboards handle multiple simultaneous inputs. I was playing Solace last night and couldn’t move diagonally because only down or left worked at the same time. A lot of keyboards are just bad.

Oh yeah, I remember having a keyboard like that on my Compaq around 1998. Seems like most USB keyboards made in the last eight years or so have fixed this problem.

Hardly. The overwhelming majority of keyboards (easily high-90s percentage) lack n-key rollover.

n-key rollover might not be that prevalent, I’m not sure, but x-key, in modern keyboards is high enough that it’s never a problem for gaming.

Ctrl + w + r is the common combination that doesn’t work on most keyboards. Extremely common combination in an extremely popular game.

Buddy was complaining about the lack of a analogue input device though. That’s the precision he means for 3D platformers. He’s right too. You want an analogue gamepad for a 3D platformer. KB+M blows there.

I don’t like the way this article keeps getting posted around. It’s often written as if people actually debating whether KB+M was the best or not for shooters. It’s crazy. It was decided years ago:

KB+M for FPS, RTS, and other.
Gamepad et al. for fighters, sports, racing, and platformers.

For the most part you control them with the mouse.

Basically it’s like this: Most 3d platformers use a 3rd person orbital camera control scheme. Where the direction your character moves is determined by the facing of the camera. If the camera is facing pure west then when you push up on the stick or ‘w’ on the keyboard you move straight west. Now while a console allows you to move your character any direction in the 360° continuum and the keyboard limits it to 8 directions the mouse more than makes up for it. You can far, far, more easily position the camera to face directly at the platform you want to land your jump on with a mouse than with a thumbstick. Then you only need ‘w’ you don’t need the extra degrees of movement that the stick gives you. Whereas on the console chances are you cant quite, or at least cant quickly, get the camera to face exactly where you want. The thumbsticks are just slower and less accurate for such things. So you end up having to angle the left stick 15° or so off dead straight to make up for the poor camera angle. Or take a few moments to jerk the character & camera back and forth until the camera faces exactly where you want to go.

You grossly overstate the camera difficulties in these sorts of games. It may take a little longer, but the degree of precision is plenty close enough. You don’t need pixel accuracy in a 3rd person platformer. That said, a ‘center camera’ button is still strangely absent from entirely too many titles - both PC and console.

Nah… My computer chair is a lazy boy, and my monitors are mounted on an arm bolted to the wall. I have a thin board with my kb/mouse mounted on it that straddles the arms. No need for a desk or coffee table.

I am, quite admittedly, much more of a nerd than most.

That’s painfully obvious now.

True…the best 3D controls I’ve ever seen have been for the Legend of Zelda series (Ocarina, Major’as Mask, and Wind Waker.) The camera was pretty good about figuring out where to be, but if you ever wanted to “reset” it to center, you tapped the Z-button (or L on the GC.) If you wanted to keep it there, you kept the button held down. Brilliant.

I’m playing throguh Gof of War right now and not being able to center or move the camera at all is very annoying.