Xena - Buffy catfight

Both have died and come back to life.
Both fight really well, Buffy vs. the undead and Xena vs. anyone who croses her.
Both are very good with weapons.
Both have a hottie sidekick who display lesbian overtones.
Xena has more experience but Buffy is quicker.
Buffy looks so much better in leather, but that has nothing to do with fighting, I just wanted to get that out.
Both have had relationships with the supernatural (Angel & Ares)
Both have had crazed nemises with similar powers (Faith & Callisto)
Both have bumbling male sidekicks (Zander & Joxer)

Tough call, seems pretty even.

Let’s look at the supporting cast. Joxer has the great song, but Xander is great with the one liners. Gabrielle can be a bit annoying but is a much better fighter than Willow, although Willow is hotter than anyone on either show and she’s got that Wiccan flavor now. Callisto is crazier than Faith, but Xena made Callisto, Faith is just evil all on her own (regardless of last weeks episode). You would think that Ares would kick Giles ass, but the only time I remember Ares actually fighting it was against Zena and came to a draw, while Ripper has got a mean streak in him and has been a Demon.

Still seem pretty even.

I’ll go with Buffy because that is the side of the coin that I just flipped landed on. It’s just that close.

Now, if we are talking about hotties, then Buffy wins by a landslide.

Now if I can only be consistent with my "X"s and "Z"s!

Hm, I have to go with Buffy. She simply has too many more people on her side than Xena. I mean, Xena only has Gabrielle, who isn’t much of a fighter since she threw away her staff, and Joxer, who tends to more of a liability than anything else, while Buffy has Willow - and maybe Terra - who are both witches, Xander, who is occasionally helpful, Riley, who is very built, and even Spike if they can pay him enough (although he still can’t hurt anyone - for the moment). While Xena is probably better with weapons than Buffy, the Slayer has the advantage of being supernaturally strong.

It would be a good fight, but I think Buffy would win in the end.

Ha. I could take them both.

At once.

With both hands tied behind my back.

In a an oil pit.

In my dreams. (but it was such a good dream.)

Come on people, Xena would clearly be the winner! I can’t believe people are suggesting that the Scooby Gang would be a threat to her. The woman singlehandedly defeated the Persian cavalry, a bunch of scrawny teenagers aren’t going to give her any trouble. In a woman-to-woman fight Buffy would stand a chance, but my money is on Xena. She’s more experienced, more ruthless, and more creative.

  1. This debate is PRECISELY why I sit in front of my computer at 0250 (local time). (errr, I’m not really sad…)

  2. Spiritus Mundi - absolutely!

  3. What about Discord?!

  4. Spiritus Mundi - absolutely!

Lucy Lawless is in the new issue of Stuff magazine and she claims Xena could beat Buffy, Wonder Woman, or the Bionic Woman. Yeah, right. Xena and Buffy are probably evenly matched strength-wise but Buffy seems to have this inate fighting ability with any weapon she gets her hands on. And in this Tuesday’s new episode, she is going to start manifesting new powers that’ll make short work of Xena (at least that’s what the spoilers I’ve read say).

Nobody is going to resolve this with reason and logic! The OP should have been “who would you WANT to win in a Xena-Buffy catfight?” I go with Xena because it really ticks me off how all the characters in Buffy squabble, conceal vital information from each other and fall out over STUPID teenage crap at every opportunity. The only reason the vampires haven’t exterminated such a dumb, lame bunch of heroes is because they’re even dumber and lamer!

I also think a Star Destroyer would defeat the Enterprise because it looks cooler. So there!