Xenu v. 4.0 (?) -- The Greatest Hits


Obviously this will allow them to gin up more revenue, just as their “advanced technology” announcement a few years ago (weren’t you supposed to be able to learn to fly?) was aimed at keeping revenues from stalling.

Do they ever bother to address the issue of, if this is the only true and authoritative version of the scriptures, doesn’t that mean that everything they’ve sold till now has been . . . inaccurate?

I know there won’t be any refunds, that’s for damn sure . . . .

ETA: And yes, as I look at this, I am not sure whether it’s a GD as much as MPSIMS. Mods feel free . . . .

Seems like an MPSIMS thread to me, so I moved it.

From the article:

…Yes, it’s exactly like that. If Buddha had attained enlightenment while stoned out of his mind on pills, and then bilked gullible millionaires for the privilege of listening to him. Buddha did that stuff too, right?

Mmmhmm, yup, just like for every other piece of his teachings, or for your E-meter “confessional” sessions, or anything else they want you to have from them. They’ll just put you to work instead. If you’re lucky, someday you can sit at a little table somewhere and give “personality tests” to passers-by, but for now you might be doing manual labor.

For some reason, jerkoff druggies seem fascinated with making comprehensive recordings of their ramblings. I remember reading about Philip Dick doing it. Now, Dick had a gift for writing (far better SF than Hubbard’s dreck), but you couldn’t pay me enough money to listen to or read the transcription of a hypothetical Phil Dick and friends reel to reel recorded 1968 bull session that someone might find in a warehouse, much less to read Hubbard’s poorly thought out, jargon laden, turgid, off the cuff “teachings.” I might wade through and take a quiz on this latest volume of “tech” if they’d pay me $75k, but not $7.5, let alone paying them for that (and then no doubt being required to pay for follow up testing as to how you’d applied the tech).

Well, I guess I’m in favor, generally, of any tax on stupidity.